Dear Colleagues and Community Partners,

On behalf of Woodland Community College, I present to you our 2016-2019 Educational Master Plan Executive Summary. The comprehensive WCC Educational Master Plan document seen below describes much more of the nearly two-year process our College underwent as well as the data informing our Objectives and Actions.

While undergoing our two-year WCC self-evaluation, the YCCD Board of Trustees took action January 14, 2014 to align the Lake County Campus (LCC) with Woodland Community College.  The Colusa County Campus (CCC) of Woodland Community College had opened doors for service to students at its present Williams site in spring 2011.  Thus, our Educational Master Plan considers the three diverse communities we now serve in Yolo, Lake, and Colusa Counties.  I am confident you will see a commitment to each of our communities in this Executive Summary as well as the comprehensive Educational Master Plan found online.




Michael A. White, Ed.D.
WCC President 


Educational Master Plan Executive Summary:

WCC Educational Master Plan Executive Summary

Educational Master Plan: