Food Pantries at WCC

WCC staff help stock WCC’s new food pantryThe Food Pantry provides enrolled students with the ability to receive free groceries who are in need of help and short on food. Food services are confidential. We want you to know that WCC cares and we are here to help!

Who is eligible? WCC’s food pantries are available to all enrolled WCC students who are in need. No documentation is needed. Students just need to sign-in with their WCC Student ID number.

Food Distribution Locations:

WCC Food Pantry

Location: Woodland Campus
Student Services Building 700, Room 763
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00am-5:00pm
Phone: (530) 661-7759

LCC Eagle’s Basic Needs Center

Location: Lake County Campus, Building 800
Hours: Mon to Thurs 7:30 to 5:30pm
Phone: (707) 995-7909

The center is available with free resources like personal care items, instructional supplies, food, snacks, some clothing items, and many other services!

Food offered at Woodland Campus Food Pantry

Types of non-perishable items available (may vary, while supplies last):

  • Fresh Produce: When available, we offer WCC-grown fresh fruits and vegetables!
  • Vegetables: Canned vegetables, canned tomato products, spaghetti sauce, vegetable juice, and soups
  • Fruits: Canned fruits, apple sauce, dried fruit, canned or boxed fruit juice
  • Grains: Cereals (cold/hot instant), bread/muffin mixes, dry noodles/pastas, macaroni and cheese mixes, crackers, rice and rice mixes, pancake mix, popcorn, granola bars, flour
  • Proteins: Beans (canned/dry), chili, bean or beef/chicken soups, canned chicken, canned tuna/salmon, peanut butter
  • Other Foods: Honey, jelly/jam, condiments, coffee, tea, cookies, snacks

Interested in making a Donation?
Here’s our  WCC Food Pantry Wish List

Yolo Food Bank Distribution Days at Woodland Campus

Yolo Food Bank distribution dates at WCC

In partnership with the Yolo Food Bank, food distribution days will continue on campus.

Drive-through distribution dates will be taking place in the Woodland Campus parking lot:

  • every first Tuesday
  • every third Wednesday
  • every fourth Tuesday