Work Experience Education







If you are a part-time or full-time employee, a student assistant, an intern, or volunteer, taking classes in Work Experience Education can help you:

  • Earn academic credit for the hours you work
  • Document your job and internship experiences
  • Enhance your knowledge about the workplace and economic trends

CWEE 44 Summer 2024 Mandatory Orientations & Work 44 Fall 2024 Mandatory Orientations

All mandatory orientations will be held via zoom

All of our forms are available online or in Canvas and are fillable. Several of the forms require your employer/supervisor’s signature. Please follow the course deadlines in Canvas notated under “Assignments” and upload your completed forms there.

Please plan on attending one (1) of the mandatory Orientation. See Orientation tab or Canvas for days and times for the orientations.

Contact me to learn how to enroll:

Rajdeep K. Johal
Work Experience Coordinator
Phone: (530) 661-5741

Student Services Building 700, Suite 711