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Beginning 2016-17 academic year, the California College Completion Grant (CCPG) – formerly known as Board of Governors Fee Waiver – will be implementing academic standards. All grades will be used to determine CC Promise Grant eligibility for the award year.
Any combination of two consecutive terms of cumulative GPA below 2.0, and/or cumulative course completion less than 50% may result in loss of CC Promise Grant eligibility.

You’ll be notified within 30 days of the end of each term if you are being placed on either Academic (GPA) and/or Progress (Course Completion) probation. Your notification will include the information that a second term of probation will result in loss of CC Promise Grant eligibility. After the second consecutive term of probation, you may lose eligibility for the CC Promise Grant at your next registration opportunity.

How to regain eligibility:
If you lose eligibility for the CC Promise Grant, there are a few ways that you can have it reinstated:

  • Improve your GPA or Course Completion measures to meet the academic and progress standards
  • Successful appeal regarding extenuating circumstances
  • Not attending your school district for two consecutive primary terms

The appeals process for extenuating circumstances includes:

  • Verified accidents, illness or other circumstances beyond your control
  • Changes in economic situation
  • Evidence of inability to obtain essential support services
  • Disability accommodations not received in a timely manner

Please note that foster youth and former foster youth (age 24 years and younger) are not subject to loss of the CC Promise Grant under these regulations.

Our goal is to assist you in bridging the gap between your own resources and the cost of attending college. We offer assistance with completing applications and providing information about the requirements of the various financial aid programs. Financial aid consists of federal grants, work study, state grants, fee waivers, and outside scholarships.

FINANCIAL AID ALERT – CC Promise Grant Changes

Beginning the 2018/2019 aid year, the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGW) will be called the California College Promise Grant.

Attention Students: Don’t lose your California College Promise Grant!
The California College Promise Grant is now based on minimum GPA and course completion standards! (W’s/NP’s)

Starting Fall 2016 semester, your grades will be used to determine CC Promise Grant. Due to a change in state law, students will need to sustain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and complete 50% of coursework to maintain CC Promise Grant eligibility. If your GPA falls below a 2.0 and/or cumulative course completion is less than 50% for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring), you may lose your CC Promise Grant.

Please visit the Financial Aid or Counseling Office to find out more about how you can keep your education on track. You can also make an appointment to see a counselor by calling: 530-661-5703 or by scheduling an appointment online through WebAdvisor.

FAFSA Application

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online to apply for
campus-based aid and the Pell Grant. List Woodland Community College as the college of choice, the federal code number is 041438.


Effective in the fall of 2013, the Yuba Community College District including Yuba College and Woodland Community College, will suspend the Federal Student Loan Program. Please click here for additional information.

Want to learn more about student refunds? Check out BankMobile’s Student Page


To view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here.

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