Woodland Community College has one graduation (Aslo known as Commencement) ceremony each year at the end of the spring semester in May. All students who complete a degree in either Summer (July), Fall (December), or Spring (May) of that academic year are eligible to participate. All students who are eligible for an associate degree must petition by the deadline date. Note: Participation in Commencement DOES NOT guarantee a degree.

Graduate and Candidate Information

Congratulations on the completion or near completion of your degree at Woodland Community College! We look forward to celebrating with you, your family and friends at our Commencement Ceremony on Friday, May 15, 2020, at 6:00 pm at the Beeghly Rose Garden at Woodland Community College.

Commencement Information

In order to participate in the ceremony, you must purchase your cap and gown in advance at the WCC Bookstore. The cap, tassel, and gown (black mortarboard, green, silver & black tassel, and black robe) are then yours to keep and are the required attire for the ceremony.

Cap and Gown set
$43.00 plus tax

If you would like to donate your cap and gown after the ceremony, there will be a donation box located on the West side of the 700 building after the ceremony and in Room 720 for the week after commencement.

Cords and Stoles
Students with Academic Honors (3.5-4.0+ cumulative GPA) will receive a cord at the Student Recognition Banquet or when they check in for the brunch prior to the rehearsal. Honors status is based upon your grades from ALL semesters prior to your semester of graduation, and includes all other college transcripts.

Other items you may purchase from the Bookstore (but not required)
Graduation Announcements – start at $15.00
Additional Tassels – $6.00
Bling Tassels – $11.00
Keychain Tassels – $7.00

Regalia Decoration

  • Students may decorate their caps. All decorations must be appropriate and respectful for the occasion.
  • Students may wear leis.
  • Students may wear stoles or cords representing other student programs/affiliations that they are involved in, such as Veterans, EOPS, TRiO, MESA, etc.
  • Commencement Ceremony rehearsal (mandatory for graduates)

    Rehearsal will begin at 12:00 pm on Friday, May 15, 2020 in the Community Room (building 800). Graduates are required to attend the rehearsal. During this time you will be instructed on entering and exiting the commencement area, receiving your diploma scroll on the stagae, proper tassel placement, and seating arrangements.

    On Friday, May 15, 2020:

    Check-in by 5:00 pm inside the Community Room (building 800).

    • Do not bring any personal items with you (purses, backpacks, etc.) as you will not be able to leave these behind in the staging area. When you check-in you will receive your announcement card. Please make sure you hang onto this card as you will hand it to the reader as you step on stage. The reader MUST have this card to call your name as you cross the stage to be honored as a graduate.
    • Graduates should be in their cap, gown, and tassel. Note: Extra caps, gowns, and tassels will NOT be available at the ceremony.
    • The ceremony will be begin at 6:00 pm SHARP.
      • You will be led to the graduate seating area in front of the stage. As soon as you are at your seat, sit down.
      • At the appropriate time in the ceremony, President Pimentel will present the graduating class to the platform party. At this time, the ushers will indicate to rows when to proceed onto the stage. As the last graduates leave the row in front, the next row should stand in unison. Graduates will approach the stage from the right side.
      • You will hand your announcer card to the reader and as your name is read, proceed across the stage, behind the podium, shaking the hands of the platform party. Graduates will receive their scroll from Vice President Gardner, a rose from President Pimentel and the graduate will then exit the stage.
      • Proceed down the aisle back to your seat. You are to sit down once you return from the stage. This allows spectators to see others receive their scrolls.
      • After all graduates have received their scrolls, the WCC graduating class will be formally presented and tassels moved from right to left.
      • Upon completion of the ceremony, graduates and faculty will be asked to stand for the Recessional which will take place as follows:
        • Platform party will exit first
        • Faculty exit second
        • Graduates exit third, starting with the graduates in the front row
    The Commencement ceremony will be held on Friday, May 15, 2020 starting at 6:00 pm, at Woodland Community College.

    Parking is free during the ceremony; therefore, permit and/or daily pass parking will NOT be enforced on the day of the ceremony. However, all red (fire lanes), blue (handicapped) zones will be enforced. Parking spaces will be at a premium, so guests should arrive early.

    Guests are to remain seated during the ceremony and should not block sidewalk areas, or the view of other guests.

    Accommodations for Guests with Disabilities/Accessible Seating
    Accessible seating locations are available for guests in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. To assist our staff in serving you to the best of our ability, please make arrangements for commencement with our DSPS staff by calling (530) 661-5797.

    Child Seating
    Use discretion in bringing a young child to the ceremony. A responsible adult should accompany all children, regardless of age, throughout the ceremony.

    Drug and Alcohol Free Campus
    Consumption of or being under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances while on campus is strictly prohibited.

    Summer and Fall 2019 graduates
    Diplomas have already been distributed to all 2019 graduates. You will receive a scroll when your name is read and you cross the stage at the ceremony.

    Spring 2020 candidates
    You will not receive your diploma at the commencement ceremony. You will, however, receive a scroll. After grades for the Spring 2020 semester have been posted in early June, our evaluators will conduct final evaluations, followed by the posting of the degree on the transcript and printing of diplomas. This is a lengthy process with many petitions to evaluate. Degree posting will occur by the end of July and your diploma will be ready by mid to late September. Please be sure to notify the Admissions and Records department at WCC of any change of address to ensure proper mailing.

    Photography is allowed at all Graduation Events. Attendance constitutes consent to be photographed for use in print and/or electronic publicity for Woodland Community College. Images will not be identified using full names or personal information.

    Thomas Moralez will be providing photography of the ceremony. Volunteers will be taking photos as students exit the stage.

    Photos will be available on the graduation website within a month following Commencement.