Our Mission

The mission of Woodland Community College is to empower students to achieve their career and educational goals by offering equitable opportunities to complete academic degrees, career certificates, and transfer pathways, thereby contributing to the economic development of the region, the state, and the country.

Mission adopted May 12, 2022 by YCCD Board of Trustees.

Core Values

Woodland Community College’s core values, which are the ethical principles that guide our actions and institutional decision-making, include:

  • Accountability taking responsibility for our words and actions, and as stewards of the public trust, efficiently using our resources in the fulfillment of the mission and vision.
  • Adaptability continuously anticipating, planning for, and effectively responding to changing conditions.
  • Community-centeredness building and nurturing external networks and partnerships to achieve improved outcomes for students and contributing to the vibrancy of the communities we serve.
  • Equity achieving parity in student educational outcomes, regardless of race, ethnicities, backgrounds, or identity by ensuring that all students are provided with the tools to support their success.
  • Excellence critically reflecting upon performance to strive toward continuous improvement and being open to new opportunities for the advancement of our mission.
  • Integrity acting with unwavering honesty, trustworthiness, and openness.
  • Participatory decision-making actively and consistently working to promote the full participation of every student and employee and engaging in the sharing of knowledge and skills with the specific intent of achieving our mission and vision.
  • Respect honoring the worth and value of each person by recognizing their attributes, skills, backgrounds, and abilities, and treating everyone with courtesy and civility.
  • Student-centeredness consistently ensuring that student success informs our decision-making and allocation of resources; advocating and influencing change to the benefit of the students we serve.