Student Resources

WCC Student Tutorial Videos (General Information, Registration, Financial Aid, Canvas and More)

Woodland Community College has created a collection of videos to assist students with common topics.  Please visit the WCC Student Tutorial Videos to access this helpful collection.

Canvas Tutorials

The Student Success Center has also created Canvas Tutorial Videos to help students become more familiar with Canvas.


Free tutoring is available to all Woodland Community College students.  DSPS students are eligible for additional free tutoring time (up to four hours per subject per week).  Please view the Student Success Center’s webpage for more information about scheduling appointments for subject specific tutoring, or with the RAWC (Reading and Writing Center).   Students can also add the Academic Support Services Canvas page to their Canvas accounts, and schedule appointments online through Canvas.  This video shows the steps for booking online tutoring or RAWC appointments.

WCC Reading and Writing Center: (530) 405-9946  Call or text. 
WCC Tutoring Center: (530) 405-9699  Call or text. 

Student Support Workshops

Student support workshops are another resource available to students.   Workshops provide students valuable information on topics such as time management, note-taking and test-taking strategies, writing, reading, technology, conducting research, organization, and more.  Information about upcoming workshops and an archive of past workshops can be found on the Academic Support Services Canvas page under the blue “workshops” button and on the library’s Assistance and Research page.

Library Support

The WCC library is also a great source of information and support for students.  The library’s Assistance and Research page includes helpful information for students, including directions for scheduling an appointment for assistance with research or general librarian support.   The page also includes a calendar of upcoming workshops, and links and instructions for joining.

Browser Extensions to Improve Accessibility

Google Chrome offers many free extensions (found at the Google WebStore) to improve accessibility for content found on the web.

Five of our favorite extensions are: Pericles, Volume Master, Magnifying Glass (Hoover Zoom), Zoom for Google Chrome and Kurzweil Read the Web.

Pericles is a text-to-speech screen reader extension.  It can be added to your Chrome browser, then accessed to have web-based text read aloud.  Speed, pitch, and volume can all be adjusted with basic controls that are available for the extension.

Logo and link to Pericles text to speech screen reader extension for Google Chrome

Volume Master is a volume booster that can increase the volume by up to 600%.   By adding and accessing the extension, you can use a simple slider control to significantly boost the audio volume for web-based content.

Logo and link to Volume Master volume amplifier extension for Google Chrome

Magnifying Glass (Hoover Zoom) is a magnifying glass tool that allows the cursor to function like a magnifying glass and enlarge portions of the viewing area on the screen.  By adding and accessing the extension, you can have a digital magnifying glass handy whenever you need it while viewing webpages.

Logo and link to Magnifying Glass digital magnifying glass extension for Google Chrome

Zoom for Google Chrome is an easy to use extension that can quickly zoom in to enlarge text on your computer screen.  Zoom allows you to zoom in or out on web pages with ease.

Logo and link for Zoom for Google Chrome screen enlargement extension for Google Chrome

For students who have a Kurzweil accommodation and account set up through DSPS, there is also a Kurzweil “Read the Web” extension that can be added to Chrome for text-to-speech of web-based content.  The Kurzweil extension requires an account from DSPS (username and password must be inputted in order to use).  Please contact DSPS if you have questions about accessing this resource.

Logo and link for Kurzweil Read the Web text to speech screen reader extension for Google Chrome