Welcome to Woodland Community College’s Student Outreach and Engagement Office. Our purpose is to coordinate college outreach efforts and on-campus student events and activities.


The outreach team provides services and represents the college at local schools, community events and college/career fairs. We collaborate with our partner schools to facilitate the transition from high school to college.

For inquiries related to outreach please contact: Alberto Miranda  at (530)668-2595 or by email at amiranda@yccd.edu


The engagement team focuses on events, activities, and programs related to the retention and success of our students. We collaborate with programs, departments, organizations, and clubs in support of campus-wide engagement efforts.

We oversee the Student Ambassadors Leadership Program, Campus Tours and Visits, the Eagle’s Perch Student Lounge, Student Engagement Events, and the Food Pantry (temporarily).

For inquiries related to student engagement please contact:

Isabel Dueñas at (530)668-3691  or by email at iduenas@yccd.edu