Student's hand holding a pen writing notes in a spiral notebook

Academic Adjustments and Services

An accommodation is a legally mandated support or service that gives a student with a disability an equal opportunity to benefit from the educational process.  An accommodation is determined based upon the educational limitations of an individual’s disability.  An accommodation cannot alter or lower the fundamental requirements of a course, an assignment, a degree, a certificate, or a program.

The law requires that students be provided with effective accommodations which are agreed upon through an interactive process between the student and certificated DSPS Specialist.  We are committed to working with each student to determine the most appropriate and beneficial accommodations and services for each individual’s needs.

An Academic Accommodation:

  • Promotes independence and maximum participation of the student
  • Relates directly to the student’s educational plan and course of study
  • Relates directly to the student’s functional limitations resulting from a verified disability
  • Cannot alter the academic standards for the student
  • Cannot alter the fundamental requirements of the course or educational program
  • Cannot alter the instructor’s ability to measure the student’s skills and aptitudes

Examples of accommodations and services offered:

  • Extended time for testing
  • Distraction-reduced setting for testing
  • Scribe for testing
  • Note taking services
  • Alternate format for books and media (e-text, braille, audio, tactile graphics)
  • Audio recorded lectures
  • Real time captioning
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Assistive listening device
  • Enlarged print
  • Accessible furniture
  • Preferential seating
  • Priority registration services
  • Academic Counseling
  • Tutoring

Examples of services NOT provided by DSPS:

  • Financial assistance
  • Housing
  • Transportation to/from campus
  • Parking permits
  • Food/drinks
  • Medication
  • Personal care attendants
  • Devices or services for personal use

Many of the accommodations that are provided in K-12 education, such as reduced or modified course standards, or alternate versions of assignments or exams, are not offered at a community college.  All students must meet the same program requirements.