Testing Accommodations and Proctoring

Testing accommodations are specified within a student’s Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).  Arrangements for receiving testing accommodations can be made with DSPS.

DSPS Testing Accommodation Forms:

1. Test Proctoring Procedures and Rules: Students with approved testing accommodations must review, sign, and submit this form to DSPS.

2. Request for Testing Accommodations Forms: The student and instructor for each course must complete a form that specifies approved testing accommodations and the conditions and directions for tests and quizzes.  The forms must be completed and submitted to DSPS before any exam or quiz can be given with accommodations including test proctoring by DSPS.  These forms can be picked up at the DSPS office or requested for digital processing (via Adobe Sign) as they require accommodations to be completed by a DSPS Specialist.   Contact DSPS to request your testing “Request for Testing Accommodations” forms.  These must be completed and submitted for each class, each semester.

3. Test Appointment Forms: For courses where exams are proctored and/or taken in-person, most students will need to schedule with DSPS to have the exams administered and proctored by our staff.  Students must schedule their in-person/proctored exams with DSPS at least three business days before the exam.

Students can schedule exams one of the following ways:

For students in a course that is online and in-person proctoring is not required by the instructor, the student will take the exam under the conditions the instructor allows for all students.  Typically, for an exam taken online, the instructor will make adjustments (such as extending time) per the students approved academic accommodation plan as indicated on the Request for Testing Accommodations form, and the student can test on their own.

DSPS proctors are required to follow the instructor’s instructions that are indicated on the “Request for Testing Accommodations” form for each class. The DSPS proctor does not have the authorization to make any changes to exam or quiz directions or conditions.  Changes to test directions or conditions can only made by the course instructor, and they must be communicated to DSPS, in writing, before the test is administered.

Request an Appointment for Exam Proctoring by DSPS