Enrolling with DSPS

Who can qualify for services?

Eligibility for disability-related services is in accordance with federal and state laws and California Community College policies to ensure an equitable educational opportunity. A certificated DSPS Specialist will assist in discerning if a student’s verified disability results in an educational limitation, and if the student will qualify for DSPS accommodations and/or services.

The student’s disability must substantially limit one or more major life activity and impose an “educational limitation”.

An educational limitation is a disability-related limitation that prevents a student from fully benefiting from classes, activities, or services offered by the college without specific additional support, service, or accommodations.

A student must also demonstrate the potential to benefit from programs and services, demonstrate appropriate adaptive or self-help behavior, and sustain measurable academic progress.

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How to Sign Up for Services with DSPS

First, a student must enroll to take classes at our Woodland Campus, Lake County Campus or Colusa County Campus.
After enrolling, a student with a disability can apply to the DSPS Program.

To sign up for services with DSPS:

  1. Complete and submit the DSPS Application for Services
  2. Complete and submit the DSPS Intake Interview form
  3. Provide disability documentation (such as the DSPS Disability Verification form completed by a licensed professional, an IEP with psycho-educational report, or a doctor’s report) to the DSPS office.
  4. After submitting the required paperwork, a student must schedule an appointment with a certificated DSPS Specialist to:
    • Complete the intake process
    • Arrange for appropriate academic accommodations, auxiliary aids and services based upon the educational limitations related to the disability
    • Review and discuss rights and responsibilities as a DSPS student
    • Learn about the supportive services available to students at their campus

Students may have to schedule a follow-up appointment if needed (for example: to receive assistive technology, submit additional paperwork, submit materials for conversion to alternate media, etc.)

Once a student is established with DSPS, accommodations and services must be requested each semester. 

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