Enrolling with DSPS

Qualifying for Services

Eligibility for disability-related services is in accordance with federal and state laws and California Community College policies to ensure an equitable educational opportunity.  A certificated DSPS Specialist will assist in discerning if a student’s verified disability results in an educational limitation, and if the student will qualify for DSPS accommodations and/or services.

The student’s disability must substantially limit one or more major life activity and impose an “educational limitation”.  An educational limitation is a disability-related limitation that prevents a student from fully benefiting from classes, activities, or services offered by the college without specific additional support, service, or accommodations.

A student must also demonstrate the potential to benefit from programs and services, demonstrate appropriate adaptive or self-help behavior, and sustain measurable academic progress.

Green and white street sign with the word "enrollment" Steps for New Students to Enroll at WCC

Getting Started with DSPS

After enrolling at WCC, a student with a disability can apply for services with DSPS by following these steps:

  1. Complete the DSPS Application for Services
  2. Complete the DSPS Intake Interview form
  3. Provide disability documentation (such as the DSPS Disability Verification form completed by a licensed professional, an IEP with psycho-educational report, or a doctor’s report) to the DSPS office.
  4. Schedule an appointment with a certificated DSPS Specialist to:
    • Complete the intake process
    • Arrange for appropriate academic accommodations, auxiliary aids and services based upon the educational limitations related to the disability
    • Review and discuss rights and responsibilities as a DSPS student at WCC
    • Learn about the supportive services available to students at WCC

Students may have to schedule a follow-up appointment if needed (for example: to receive assistive technology, submit additional paperwork, submit materials for conversion to alternate media, etc.)

Once a student is established with DSPS, services must be requested each semester. 

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