Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I sign up for DSPS, will there be a notation on my transcripts? 
There will be no mention of your disability or DSPS-related services on any of your school records.

2. Can I qualify for DSPS services if I have a temporary disability?
Students with temporary disabilities (such as an injury, a pregnancy-related disability, or during recuperation from surgery) can qualify for DSPS services.  A student with a temporary disability must apply for DSPS and provide verification of the temporary disability.  

3. Do I have to meet with DSPS to continue my accommodations each semester? 
Each semester, students should contact DSPS to ensure that paperwork is completed for the continuation of services and/or accommodations.  Typically, DSPS office staff can assist with continuation of services requests.  However, if a student needs to change or update an existing Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP), the student must schedule to meet with a certificated DSPS Specialist.  

4. After I qualify for DSPS, can I retake tests I completed before I had my accommodations?
No, accommodations are not retroactive.  Only after receiving accommodations will the student be able to utilize them.   

5. Are DSPS accommodations the same as those offered in high school?
Some accommodations from a K-12 IEP or 504 plan can be provided in the college setting.  However, there are many accommodations that are provided in K-12 education that are not offered at a community college.   Examples of accommodations and services that are not available in college, include: reduced or modified course standards, alternate versions of assignments or exams, and personal/classroom support staff.  In the college setting, all students must meet the same program and course requirements.

Please feel free to contact DSPS with other questions or concerns that you may have.