Several surveys were conducted over the course of the last ten years through various departments at Woodland Community College. The results for Institutional SLO, Student Services and Planning can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Institutional SLO Surveys (2011-2013) 

WCC iSLO 2011-2013 Overview

WCC iSLO Survey Fall 2011

WCC iSLO Survey Spring 2012

WCC iSLO Survey Fall 2012

WCC iSLO Survey Spring 2013

WCC iSLO Survey Fall 2014


Institutional SLO Surveys (2017-present)

iSLO Survey Summary 2017

Student Services Surveys (2009-2014) 

CalWORKS Student Survey 2010

CalWORKS Student Survey 2011

CalWORKS Student Survey 2012

Career Center Student Survey 2011

Counseling Student Survey 2011

EOPS CARE Student Survey 2010

EOPS CARE Student Survey 2011

EOPS CARE Student Survey 2013

EOPS CARE Student Survey 2014

General Counseling Student Survey 2011

Student Services Survey 2009

Transfer Center Student Survey 2011

Planning Surveys (2009-2015) 

Campus Communication Survey 2009

CCSSE Survey 2016

CCOF Course Scheduling Survey Fall 2014

Continous Quality Improvement Follow Up Survey 2011

Continous Quality Improvement Survey 2010

ESL Student Survey 2010

WCC DE Survey Fall 2012

WCC DE Survey Spring 2013

WCC DE Survey Fall 2013

WCC DE Survey Spring 2014

WCC Planning Session 1 2012

WCC Planning Session 2 2012

WCC Planning Session 3 2012

WCC Professional Technology Development Survey and Comments 2013

WCC SENSE Survey 2013

WCC SENSE Survey 2015

WCC Transportation Survey Spring 2015

YCCD Website Survey Fall 2014