Woodland Community College

Quick Facts

Woodland Community College originally started as Woodland Center, an outreach program offering courses in fall of 1975. It was officially labeled an education center in 1981 and in 2000 it began the process to become a comprehensive college of the Yuba Community College District. Woodland Community College (WCC) became accredited in 2008 as the 110th California Community College. It provides educational opportunities for resident of Yolo and outlying counties. In 1990, the Woodland Center (Woodland Community College) relocated to what is now the main campus on 120 acres in Woodland, CA . It currently has six buildings totaling 140,000 assignable square feet, but is continuing to grow. A second campus opened its doors in Spring 2011 as Colusa County Outreach Facility (CCOF) in Williams, CA. The facility is a modern 9,500 square foot facility on 5 acres with 4 classrooms that accommodates 120 students at one time. A third campus, Lake County Campus, joined Woodland Community College in Summer of 2016. It is located in Clearlake on 12.7 wooded acres.  These campuses offer transfer programs, distributive education (DE), remedial courses, career education and other life-long learning opportunities. Students have access to an array of support services, dedicated staff, and a child development center.

2021 Quick Facts 
2019-2020 Student Demographics
Sources: Student Term Alpha Report & Enrollment Term to Term Comparison

At the end of academic year 2019-2020, there were 6,684 students who were enrolled at Census at any Woodland Community College campus.

Enrollment is comprised of 945 (14%) newly enrolled students, 642 (10%) transfer-in students, 1,417 (21%) dual enrollment students (K-12), 951 (14%) returning students, and 2,729 (41%) continuing students. Definitions of enrollment status:

  • New students have never enrolled at any other college
  • Transfer-in students are enrolling to Woodland Community College after being enrolled at another college
  • Dual enrollment (K-12) students are those who are in high school and taking classes at WCC
  • Returning students are those who were enrolled at Woodland Community College, took at least one semester off, and then returned to WCC
  • Continuing students are those who were enrolled in the previous semester and the current semester

Twenty-nine percent (1,948) of the students are full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more units) and seventy-one percent (4,736) are part-time students (enrolled in less than 12 units).

From the pie chart above, we can see that 15% of students only took distance education (DE) courses, 12% of students took at least one DE course, and 73% of students only took face-to-face courses.

Of the students enrolled, 1,521 (23%) of them are younger than 18, 3,096 (46%) of them are between the ages of 18 and 24, 1,831 (27%) of them are between the ages of 25 and 49, and 226 (3%) of them are older than 50. For 10 students (0.1%), age was not reported.

Student enrollment is comprised of 3,206 (48%) Latinx students, 1,701 (25%) White students, 890 (13%) Asian students, 253 (4%) Black/African American students, and 634 (9%) of other ethnicities.

Four thousand, one hundred eight-three (63%) of the students are female, 2,460 (37%) students are male, and 41 (1%) of the students did not report their gender.

Degrees & Certificates Awarded

Woodland Community College offers five Associate of Arts, 17 Associate of Science, 22 Transfer Degrees, and 26 certificates. Coursework for associate degrees and general education certificates, such as IGETC, can be completed though courses offered by the college both in the classroom and online. Below you can find the number of degrees and certificates Awarded, followed by the count of sections offered by instruction method.

Table X outlines the number of degrees and certificates awarded at Woodland Community College over the past five years. During this time Woodland Community College has seen an increase in degrees and certificates awarded. In 2014-2015 there were 320 awards, 389 degrees and certificates were awarded in 2015-2016, 433 degrees and certificates were awarded in 2016-2017, 411 degrees and certificates were awarded in 2017-2018, and 478 degrees and certificates were awarded in 2018-2019.

Table X: Count of Degrees & Certificates Awarded

Award Type2014-20152015-20162016-20172017-20182018-2019
Associate in Arts3740127106118
Associate in Science220255194135154
Associate Transfer47586886112

The following graph compares the numbers of Degrees and Certificates awarded by year:

The graph below compares the number of certificates and degrees awarded over the last 5 years by type of degree or certificate:

Distance Education

Table XX outlines the number of online and face-to-face (classroom) sections offered at Woodland Community College over the past five years. In the last five years, the number of sections offered have been increasing. In the Fall of 2015, there were 20 online courses offered, increasing to 23 courses offered in the Fall 2015, 27 in the Fall of  2016 and Fall 2017, and 38 offered Fall 2019.

Table XX: Count of Sections Offered by Instruction Method (classroom, online)

 Fall 2015Fall 2016Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2019

The following graph is a visual for Table XX:

Classroom instruction includes lectures, labs, and lecture/lab combinations. Online instruction includes distance education.

Financial Aid 

The following pie chart represents Financial Aid disbursement for the academic year 2018-2019. During this year, $5,104,649 worth of Grants were disbursed, $2,180,584 was waived under the Board of Governors Waiver, $193,714.63 were disbursed under Work Study, $75,066.50 were given as scholarships from the institution or other sources, and $3,464 were loaned to students.

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