Woodland Community College

Quick Facts

Woodland Community College originally started as Woodland Center, an outreach program offering courses in fall of 1975. It was officially labeled an education center in 1981 and in 2000 it began the process to become a comprehensive college of the Yuba Community College District. Woodland Community College (WCC) became accredited in 2008 as the 110th California Community College. It provides educational opportunities for resident of Yolo and outlying counties. In 1990, the Woodland Center (Woodland Community College) relocated to what is now the main campus on 120 acres in Woodland, CA . It currently has six buildings totaling 140,000 assignable square feet, but is continuing to grow. A second campus opened its doors in Spring 2011 as Colusa County Outreach Facility (CCOF) in Williams, CA. The facility is a modern 9,500 square foot facility on 5 acres with 4 classrooms that accommodates 120 students at one time. A third campus, Lake County Campus, joined Woodland Community College in Summer of 2016. It is located in Clearlake on 12.7 wooded acres.  These campuses offer transfer programs, distributive education (DE), remedial courses, career education and other life-long learning opportunities. Students have access to an array of support services, dedicated staff, and a child development center.

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