WCC Research Request Procedures

The office of Planning, Research and Student Success at Woodland Community College is committed to ensure the success of every student at our campus. To ensure the safeguarding of student data, WCC has a internal research review process required from external researchers as well as employees working on a graduate or professional degree. This is required for studies involving WCC students or employees.

Approval for research is contingent upon the review of the research plan to assess no risk to participants, appropriate informed consent, safeguarding of data, guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity. Additionally, WCC requires all researchers to provide a research brief with findings in addition to having a meeting with the Office of Planning, Research and Student Success.

Researchers must have permission from a formal IRB office from their home institution.

To obtain research approval, please submit an electronic proposal with the following information:

  1. WCC External Research Request
  2. Research protocol, including background, brief literature review, methods, recruitment process, data security measures, consent process, confidentiality measures, and timeline.
  3. Copy of Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, CITI, Human Subjects Research Certification.
  4. Copy of home institution IRB approval
  5. Copy of formal consent forms
  6. Copy of instruments and/or interview protocols (if appropriate)

Packets will be reviewed initially by Office of Planning, Research and Student Success, followed by External Research Committee