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Financial Aid

All students are encouraged, but not required, to apply for Financial Aid and/or the BOG Fee waiver. Even during these challenging times, the State of California and the federal government have remained committed to providing funds to assist students in their pursuit of higher education.

You may complete your FAFSA prior to submitting your OpenCCC application and receive more information by visiting the Financial Aid office (Building 700) or calling (530) 661-5725. Apply by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

The FAFSA is also used to determine whether students are eligible for a Board of Governor's Waiver  which waives enrollment fees.

For additional information on eligibility, different types of aid, tutorial videos, and more, check out WCC Financial Aid.

Keep in mind:

  • Even if you aren't eligible to receive financial aid, you may still qualify for the BOG fee waiver. Apply for enrollment fee waivers prior to registering.
  • Understand the 10 Days to Pay Rule.
  • You will be dropped automatically from a class if you do not pay your fees within 10 days of registering. 
  • There are different ways to pay for classes.

Now you are ready to complete the enrollment steps:

Step 1 - Complete Online Woodland Community College Application *

Apply online at OpenCCC . Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply.

Once you have submitted your application, an email will be sent to you with further instructions within one business day. A WebAdvisor account and student ID number will be assigned to you. This email will include a link to retrieve your student ID from WebAdvisor.

Step 2 - Complete Online Orientation*

Before taking the online orientation, you will need your WebAdvisor Student ID. Your WebAdvisor login is the first initial of your last name (capitalized) + your 7 digit student ID number (i.e. P0000001). If you do not know your 7 digit number, you can retrieve your WebAdvisor student ID number here. You will not actually need to login to WebAdvisor to complete the orientation, but you can use the link above to find your WebAdvisor student ID. Note: If you did not provide a social security number in your OpenCCC application, you will need to visit the Admissions & Records office to receive your student ID number.

Once you have your WebAdvisor student ID number, access the online orientation here, and enter your WebAdvisor Student ID and password.

If this is your first time logging into your WebAdvisor account, your default password will be your birth date in mmddyy format. (i.e. If you were born on January 1, 2004, your password will be 010104 ), unless you have changed your WebAdvisor password.

Step 3 - Take an Assessment Test if you plan to register for an English or math class with a prerequisite*.

Take an Assessment Test if you plan to register for an English or math class with a prerequisite. An assessment of your skills in mathematics, English, or English as a Second Language (ESL) helps you succeed by placing you into classes appropriate to your skill level. Complete your placement test prior to your scheduled counseling session so your test results are available for a counselor to evaluate.

Testing is by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment to take the placement test either by visiting or calling: Admissions and Records  (530) 661-5720 (Building 700)  or
Counseling (530) 661-5703 (Building 700).

 Additional information about assessment, including sample tests.   

Exceptions: If you have taken the placement exam at WCC in the last 2 years, and you have not yet completed an English, math, or reading course, you may use your recent scores and are not required to retest. If you have taken a math or English class at another college, you may use your transcripts to determine what class level to be placed at. Additionally, students may choose to use test scores from an assessment/placement exam taken within 2 years at another California community college. These test scores can be evaluated by submitting the Student Placement Survey along with the raw test scores to Admissions & Records (Building 700). Test score evaluations may take 24-48 hours to process, depending on peak periods, and students are encouraged  to submit this form ahead of time, so it can be processed and available in time for their scheduled counseling appointment.

Step 4 - Meet with a counselor

Once you have taken your assessment test (if you plan to take an English or math class with a prerequisite), you will need to schedule either an individual counseling appointment or a group counseling session.

Counseling Appointment

All NEW students are required to attend a group counseling session. You are considered a new student if you have not previously attended Woodland Community College (except high school students) or any other college. To schedule your group counseling session, call Counseling at (530) 661-5703.

All RETURNING students who have previously attended WCC are required to meet with a counselor. To schedule an appointment, call Counseling at (530) 661-5703.

All TRANSFER students are required to meet with a counselor. Please bring any outside transcripts and test scores (see "Exceptions" in Step 3 above) with you to your appointment. To schedule an appointment, call Counseling at (530) 661-5703.

With the assistance of a counselor, you will select courses to enroll in during your first semester at WCC. Counselors will make recommendations and develop an educational plan that fits your educational goals and assessment results. Be sure to keep your counseling appointment in order to be cleared for registration!

Exceptions: Some students may not need to attend a counseling session due to their educational background or plans for study. If you meet 2 or more of the following criteria, you are not required to meet with a counselor.

  1. Have completed an associate or higher degree (specify college, degree, month/year awarded and include copy of degree or transcripts)
  2. Will be enrolling in performance classes only (e.g. music, drama, physical education activity classes)
  3. Enrolling in fewer than six units
  4. Not planning to earn a degree or certificate
  5. Enrolling in job-skill upgrade, self-improvement or general interest courses
  6. Enrolling in classes for which you have previous training, i.e., firefighter taking an E.M.T. class
  7. You are planning on enrolling in the Fire Academy
  8. Still attending high school and attempting to enroll in a college course(s) through the Concurrent Enrollment program (current high school students must have registered using the High School Recommendation form).

In order to be granted exemption, you will need to complete and submit a Matriculation Form to Admissions & Records either in person (Building 700) or send a request via email at (for email requests: indicate the corresponding numbers of the two or more exemption criteria that apply to you, along with your Student ID number, and scanned copies of any required verification documents). Please make sure to include all necessary information and verification to avoid delay.

Step 5 - Register for classes

Once a new student completes all the necessary steps, they are eligible to register!

However, registration is set according to a student's priority date and new students can register only after their specified date. New students who are fully matriculated (completed all steps) will be given Day 6 priority. New students who have not completed all steps and are not fully matriculated will have a later date. Check your  priority registration date.

Students may register in person by visiting Admissions & Records (Building 700)   OR
online through WebAdvisor.

The fastest way to register is online through our WebAdvisor system.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to register online

After registering:

  • It is important to show up for the first day of class to avoid being dropped.
  • How does waitlisting work?
  • Remember, you have 10 Days to Pay. You will be dropped automatically from a class if you do not pay your fees within 10 days of registering.

Student Resources

Counseling (530) 661-5703,, located in Building 700
Counseling offers a variety of services and resources designed to aid students in choosing, changing, or confirming career goals and taking appropriate steps to reach those goals. Students are advised to make their academic plans or to select the school to which they wish to transfer as early as possible in their college career. Frequent changes of program or changes in vocational objectives may delay graduation or interfere with successful transfer to other collegiate institutions. Responsibility for meeting these requirements rests entirely on the student.WCC has counselors available at WCC in Woodland and Colusa County. Students are encouraged to use the counselors' expertise as they progress through their programs.

Admissions and Records (530) 661-5700,, located in Building 700
The Admissions & Records Office at Woodland Community College is responsible for processing admission applications; student records; enrollment of students in credit and noncredit courses; evaluation of transcripts from other colleges; graduation and certificate completion; enforcing state and college regulations; adhering to all deadlines, and providing official transcripts to our students.

Financial Aid (530) 661-5725,, located in building 700
We offer assistance with completing applications and providing information about the requirements of the various financial aid programs. Financial aid consists of federal grants, work study, state grants, fee waivers, loans, and outside scholarships.

Bookstore (530) 661-5790, located in the portable next to building 100
The Woodland Community College bookstore has all the textbooks required for classes at the college. In addition, it has paper, pens, notebooks, snacks, soft drinks, and Woodland Community College logo clothing. If you cannot visit the store during scheduled hours, consider ordering through the Woodland Community College bookstore web site operated by Follett.

Staff/Instructor Contact Information
​To look up a staff or instructor's email or phone number, please access our staff directory

To obtain a parking permit, inquire about costs and how to purchase a parking permit, please visit our parking website

Click here for a Campus Map

If you still have questions that have not been answered by the departments above, then contact us by phone (530) 661-5703, or by e-mail at Inquiries are usually answered within one business day, but may be delayed during peak times.