Who is Eligible?

Who is Eligible for CalWORKs Services?

  • TANF/CalWORKs recipients who are receiving cash aid and have or are developing a Welfare-to-Works (WTW) plan
  • Be in good standing with the county Department of Social Services/Welfare Office
  • Self-Initiated Participant (SIPs)
  • Exempt CalWORKs Recipients
  • Be enrolled at Woodland Community College
  • Be in good academic standing

Who is NOT Eligible?

  • Sanctioned CalWORKs students
    Sanctioned Student Policy: If a student has been sanctioned during a semester, services can be provided until the end of the semester; sanction must be
    cured by the end of the semester to continue services for the next semester.
  • CalWORKs students who are not receiving for themselves cash aid and only for their children
  • Individuals who are receiving food stamps
  • CalWORKs who have “Timed-Out” of the welfare system (have reached the 60-month time limit and no longer eligible for cash aid)
  • Individuals on SSI (not receiving CalWORKs/TANF cash assistance)
  • Tribal TANF