First Appointment

What do I Bring to My First CalWORKs Counseling Appointment?
The first counseling appointment at Woodland Community College CalWORKs Program is very important.
To better help you; you will need to:
  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with your county CalWORKs worker and get a referral
  2. Request a copy of your current WTW plan
  3. Request copy of current proof of aid, passport for services, or verification of benefits (may be called different in each county Department of Social Services)
Once all documents are gathered, you will need to:
  1. Complete an admissions college application
  2. Do a college orientation
  3. Schedule a CalWORKs counseling appointment
    1. By going to the CalWORKs Office in Rm. 711 or calling (530) 668-3681
    2. By going to Admissions and Records or calling (530) 661-5700
NOTE: When you schedule an appointment, it is your responsibility to write your appointment's day and time in your planner or cell phone's calendar as you may not receive a reminder call **Important- you must bring a copy of your current Welfare-to-work activity plan and verification of benefits (cash aid) to your counseling appointment**