Woodland Community College CalWORKs Employment Services
CalWORKs Work Study On-the-Job Training Program The Woodland Community College CalWORKs Work Study On-the-Job Training (WSOJT) Program provides eligible students with assistance securing employment on- and off-campus.
  • Strives to help students gain practical experience in the workforce based on their education and career path while providing support services that help ensure a successful transition
  • Students learn job searching techniques and gain valuable job readiness training to make themselves more marketable in the workplace
  • Move students up a career ladder allowing them to expand their skills, build a resume that supports their educational and career goals, and move more easily into permanent employment
CalWORKs Off-Campus Work Study On-the-Job Training Program The Woodland Community College CalWORKs Work Study On-the-Job Training Program works together with employers and other community agencies in the surrounding area to provide work study opportunities for students that promote self-sufficiency through education, vocational training, and employment.
  • Based on the company's employment needs, CalWORKs refers businesses to qualified students who are committed to enhancing their skills and knowledge through hands on experience in their chosen field of study
  • Employers are provided with a reimbursement of up to 75% of the student's gross wages paid over a set training period and are also eligible for tax incentives
  • Employers are provided with a full array of job placement services such as pre-screened applicants, job postings, up-to-date information about the labor market and emerging occupations, and tax or hiring incentives
Employment Services Counselor The CalWORKs Employment Services Counselor will assist students in securing on- and off-campus employment, providing opportunities to develop marketable job readiness skills related to their current education and career goals.
  • Creates on- and off-campus job placement for CalWORKs students in the WSOJT Program
  • Identifies resources for job placement opportunities and provides a meaningful connection to the job market
  • Offers a variety of job readiness workshops and training such as job searching techniques, resume writing, career changes, interview skills, and social networking
  • Coordinates the evaluation of student's job performance and provides intervention and support as needed
Provides post-employment services to serve students who have left TANF cash aid within the past two years designated for the upgrading of skills and job retention and/or advancement