Meet Our Student Staff

Angel Cervantes
SSS Peer Mentor

I was born and raised in Woodland California. I spent many years in food service and attended the Art Institute of Sacramento in 2013. After working in different types of restaurants I started having mixed feelings about spending my career as a chef. In 2016, I was asked to volunteer at a local shelter and I was touched by the many families that struggle from day to day and at that moment I decided to make a plan to achieve a goal that would help out the community. Today I volunteer my time to Yolo County C.A.S.A and have been a student here at Woodland Community College since 2017 and plan to transfer to Sacramento State in pursuing a bachelor's in social work.
Stephanie Delgado
ETS Tutor/Peer Mentor

I was born and raised in Woodland and graduated from Pioneer High School in 2020. I’m currently a freshman at Woodland Community College. I’m the first generation out of my whole family to attend college and with TRIO help many opportunities were opened for me. TRIO programs are here to help students with their education goals and guidance through every step of the way.
Simran Ghuman
TRIO Student Assistant

My name is Simran Ghuman and I was born and raised in Yuba City, CA. I recently graduated from River Valley High School in June 2019. I completed high school in three years and decided to join TRIO half-way through my first semester in college. Becoming a part of TRIO, as a full-time college student, was probably one of the smartest decisions I have made for my educational career. As a first-generation student, it is hard to try and navigate through college life, however, TRIO has helped me keep my head straight and opened many opportunities for me, for example, my first, and current, job. In Fall 2022, I hope to transfer to UC Davis for my bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, and then continue to UC Davis’ medical school program as well. I am thankful for not only be a part of TRIO’s as a student but also as a student-staff member.
Photo of Mireya OcampoMireya Ocampo
ETS Tutor/Peer Mentor

Being a part of TRiO during my high school years at Maxwell was one of my best decisions. There are many uncertainties that students are faced with and this program is there to provide all the support. I graduated high school in 2018 and went on to attend Chico State thereafter. I am majoring in Spanish Pre-Credentials as well as Latin American Studies and plan on taking the career path of becoming a Spanish teacher. I love to be able to guide students and being a Student/Peer Mentor with TRiO ETS and an HFA Student Ambassador at Chico State this academic year will allow me to do just that! As a 2020-2021 ETS Student/Peer Mentor, I hope to be able to provide support to many students and guide them to academic success.
Mikaela Reyes
TRIO Student Assistant

I was born and raised in Woodland for most of my life. I graduated from Woodland High in 2018, I did a lot of performing arts and music during my time in high school. I have been in the TRIO program since I started at WCC. I really enjoyed having a space I could go to between classes to relax and study. I have also met new friends through the program. I am excited to not only be a student but now a member of the staff in TRIO. I plan to provide help and understanding to other students just like was given to me.
Image of Alex MontejanoAlex Montejano
SSS-ESL Peer Mentor

I was born in Colusa, California, and raised there for most of my life. I graduated from Colusa High School in 2019, then joined Woodland Community College and TRIO that same year. Going into my first year of college I did not know what I wanted to do. I had no major, and I wasn’t motivated. Something I did have was TRIO. This program encouraged me to do better, and taught me skills that I know I will utilize for a long time. I recently decided to major in Computer Science, and one of my goals is to transfer to California State University, Sacramento. I hope to be able to make a difference in my community during my time working as a peer mentor.
 Estefania Reyes - UB TutorEstefania Reyes
UB Tutor/Peer Mentor

I was born and raised in Colusa, Ca. I graduate from Colusa High School and begin pursing my degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a minor in International Studies at CSU Chico. This is my second year attending Chico State and if you really knew me you would know that my heart is towards SCIENCE. I truly believe that TRIO works because I witness the benefits myself as a student. Being part of the TRIO family I am really honored to be able to give back to the TRIO community by getting the opportunity to guide the Williams High School UB students' towards college.
Sean Rodriguez
SSS Peer Mentor

I'm a student at Woodland Community College and a part of the TRIO program. As a business major with a committed study habit I plan on transferring and TRIO makes that possible with a great study area. At the door, I was met with encouragement and the same motivation for education that I needed. Thanks to TRIO program I have gained the motivation to look at challenges head-on. Now with a few successful semesters I believe that with enough self-acceptance amazing things become available and dreams become reality.
Vianey Salazar
ETS Tutor/Peer Mentor

I grew up in Williams CA after graduating I began attending American River College where I plan to complete my general education and transfer to a CSU of my preference. Growing up in this community has allowed me to personally experience ETS as a student and now as a peer mentor. Although I wasn’t apart Woodland ETS program as a student I know that both Chico and Woodland provide a wide range of opportunities for their students. There are many different student backgrounds and growing up here has allowed me to understand some of the obstacles students have to face. Even though I just became a part of Woodland ETS I will do my part to help all the students achieve their dreams and aspirations by providing them with the advice and materials needed to conquer their obstacles.
Emily Sepulveda
UB Tutor/Peer Mentor

I was born and raised in Woodland. I graduated from Pioneer High School in 2018, during my time in high school I was a cheerleader and a member of AVID. I am also a first-generation college student. After WCC, I plan on transferring to the University of Washington and getting my degree in history and becoming a high school teacher or a college professor. I am thankful that the TRIO program is here to help students transfer and help them with their future educational goals.
Swikrit Wagle
ETS Tutor/Peer Mentor

I was born in Nepal but grew up in Woodland, CA. I graduated from Pioneer High School in June of 2019 and am currently a sophomore at UC Davis. I was fortunate enough to join TRIO during my Junior year of high school. Originally TRIO was a way for me to go on field trips with friends. However, it became much more than that. TRIO became a support system, a guide to help students through high school and their journey into their future, but most importantly, a family. TRIO was different from AVID due to their more hands on and one-on-one opportunities. Their staff went above and beyond to provide any sort of help or necessary resources for students. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this program and help students achieve their goals.