Meet Our Student Staff

Christian Cano
SSS-ESL Peer Mentor

Hello, my name is Christian Cano. I am a full-time student at WCC, I am a business administration major that has Sacramento set as my transfer school. I recently moved over to TRIO in 2022 for my college years, after being an ETS student all four years of my time at Maxwell High School, I am very grateful the opportunity that ETS gave me and now very happy the opportunity that TRIO has given me. I strive to help and support students in their WCC success journey.
Frida Garcia
SSS-ESL Peer Mentor
Evelyn Guerrero
ETS Tutor/Peer Mentor

Hello, my name is Evelyn Guerrero. I have been a college student at WCC for about 2 and a half years now. I am a Criminal Justice Major and plan to transfer to obtain my bachelor's degree to become a Juvenile Probation officer. I look forward to working with ETS and helping students get more familiar with the college experience and to help prepare them for their successful future. I am a TRIO student too, and the resources TRIO offered me along with the help from the staff have played a key role in preparing me and helping me take the steps necessary to graduate. The things I learned from TRIO will also help me share information with students who are interested in ETS.
Xochitl Hernandez
UB Tutor/Peer Mentor

Hello, my name is Xochitl Hernandez Duran. I am a full-time student at UC Davis majoring in Human Development. I was an Upward Bound member all throughout high school, where I received helpful guidance and assistance from my previous UB mentors and the UB staff in general.
Manuel Maravilla
ETS Tutor/Mentor
Delia Montes
SSS Peer Mentor

Hello, my name is Delia Montes. I am currently a part-time student at WCC, I am interested in transferring to Chico State and receiving my bachelor's in nursing and becoming a Labor and Deliver Nurse. I joined TRIO two years ago and the experience has been amazing! The TRIO program provides so many great resources and opportunities for me and to all. For example, some benefits would be having your very own counselor, assistance with transfer, campus tours to CSU’s/UC’s, and much more. I am also a peer mentor for this program! As a peer mentor, I like to provide direct support for students to help them prepare and succeed at WCC.
Daisy Torres
TRIO Student Assistant

Hi my name is Daisy Torres, I grew up in Woodland, CA and I'm currently a first generation college student attending WCC campus. I'm Interested in getting an associate degree in Business Administration and transferring to Sacramento State to earn a Bachelor's. I joined the TRIO program my first year of college and received incredible help, benefits and guidance from their staff especially from the counselors. as they are always willing to help student through the process. Currently I'm working as a Student Assistant in TRIO WCC office.
Amy Silva
TRIO Student Assistant
Sofia Wright
ETS Tutor/Mentor

I grew up in the Bay Area. I attended Deer Valley High School in Antioch, but left to obtain my high school proficiency certificate with the California High School Proficiency Exam. I had lots of different jobs after high school, but none that I really loved - until now. And, my first attempt at community college didn’t go so well, but after being a stay-at-home mom of five children for ten years, I tried college again and gave it my best! College opened up a world of opportunities, one of them to be a tutor and mentor with the ETS program for TRIO at Woodland Community College. I truly enjoy, and am passionate about working with students who are interested in learning new things and developing their skills to achieve their goals. The students I work with inspire me with their dreams and the hard work they put in to accomplish them. I graduated from WCC in 2022, and transferred to UC Davis, where I am currently studying Community and Regional Development and Human Development with an emphasis in the medical field, and loving every minute of it!