Welcome, Federal Work Study Supervisors!

Thank you for joining us for the Supervisor meeting this month! Hopefully the session was informative. Please provide feedback to let us know how we may improve your experience as a FWS Supervisor!
2021-2022 FWS Program Updates
  • Due to FA Office staffing changes, please direct future FWS program inquiries and follow up to Kimberly Reed, Director of Financial Aid, kreed@yccd.edu.
  • 2021-2022 FWS Job Listing is posted on WCC FA website and also on the Career Center College Center Network site. Please review your job listing to ensure the supervisor contact information and job details are accurate based on your request and position needs.
  • The presentation provided at the FWS Supervisor Session held in early August is available below for your reference. Reach out to the FA Office with questions regarding hiring student employees in the FWS program.
  • FWS program promotional flyers are available for your use:
2021-2022 FWS Student Hiring Process

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FWS Supervisor Meeting Presentation