Welcome, Federal Work Study Supervisors!

This page is intended to be a resource for WCC FWS Supervisors. If you are a student looking for FWS job listings, please visit our job listing page on the Financial Aid Office site.

Your feedback about how the FWS program is serving you and your students is valuable and necessary to make the program the best it can be! Please submit FWS program feedback to the WCC Financial Aid Office main email address at WCCFinancialAid@yccd.edu.

Likewise, if you are enjoying your experience with the FWS program, share that with us as well at the same email address. We also love to hear how well we are doing.
2021-2022 FWS Program Information
New Updates!
  • NEW! As of February 11, 2022, Web Advisor will no longer be used for Time Entry and Approval for Students and Temporary Employees. The deadlines for Time Entry will remain the same, time worked must be entered daily, weekly and/or at the end of the month by the last working day. Please assist FWS students with navigating Time Entry in Self Service.
    NOTE: Sick leave hours may not be able to added in Time Entry via Self Service until a future phase. In the meantime, please submit sick leave hours to HR using a Student Timesheet for sick leave hours only.
    Student Timesheet
  • Don't forget to advertise your open positions with students! There are flyers below in the Ongoing News! section below available for your use.
Ongoing News!
  • Please direct FWS program inquiries and follow up to Kimberly Reed, Director of Financial Aid, kreed@yccd.edu.
  • 2021-2022 FWS Job Listing is posted on WCC FA website and also on the Career Center College Center Network site. Please review your job listing to ensure the supervisor contact information and job details are accurate based on your request and position needs.
  • The presentation provided at the FWS Supervisor Session held in early August is available below for your reference. Reach out to the FA Office with questions regarding hiring student employees in the FWS program.
  • FWS program promotional flyers are available for your use:
  • The YCCD board adopted a resolution requiring all District employees and volunteers to be fully vaccinated or agree to weekly testing effective December 1, 2021. All FWS student employees who will perform FWS jobs in-person on campus must follow vaccination and/or testing requirements for district employees effective December 1, 2021. See the "Return to campus" page for student instructions.
  • Please check the end date on your FWS students' employment confirmations to ensure they are ready to continue on into the spring semester, if applicable. If your student worker wants to continue and their confirmation ends in December, refer to your email correspondence from the FA Office.
2021-2022 FWS Student Hiring Process

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FWS Supervisor Meeting Presentation