Welcome, Federal Work Study (FWS) Supervisors!

This page is intended to be a resource for WCC FWS Supervisors. If you are a student looking for FWS job listings, please visit our job listing page on the Financial Aid Office site.

Without the participation of the FWS Supervisors, this program would not be a viable option to assist WCC students with funding their education.

Thank you for all you do!

2023-2024 FWS Program Information

    • 2023-2024 FWS Job Listing is posted on the WCC FA website. Review and advise if your listing needs any updates.
    • FWS Supervisor training is held annually, just before fall classes begin - topics include new hire process and paperwork, time entry/approval and paper time sheets, and program updates/changes.
    • Students are notified of preliminary eligibility for FWS by email. Flyers are posted around campus, shared on social media, and available here for your use:
    • Students are paid by check on the 10th of each month following hours worked. Supervisors should approve hours worked on a weekly basis and finalize approval at the end of each month in accordance with the YCCD Payroll Schedule (link on right sidebar). Time Entry and Approval tutorials are below:

Supervisors should be available to assist students with entering hours in Self Service. Contact HR/Payroll if issues arise with time entry/approval. FWS paper time sheets are submitted to the FA Office.

NOTE: Sick leave hours may not be able to added in Time Entry via Self Service until a future phase. In the meantime, please submit sick leave hours to HR using a Student Timesheet for sick leave hours only.

Student Timesheet

2023-2024 FWS Student Hiring Process

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