WCC Academic Senate

Annual Areas of Focus


(Adopted 10/22/2021)

  • Equity-Focus: Advocate for enhanced and authentic inclusion of equity-mindedness to support the efforts of the college in the education and support of our diverse student populations.
    • Possible Activities:  Including (but not limited to)
      1. Support faculty hiring & mentorship, retention of diverse faculty,
      2. Curriculum development with equity inclusion,
      3. Advocate for funding and/or additional resources to support local college DEI efforts and support DEI professional development.
      4. Review and the development of our college’s Educational Master Plan with an equity mindset
  • Guided Pathways: Support and advance the full implementation of Guided Pathways, while also encouraging ongoing conversation about student access, momentum, and impact of Guided Pathways on various student groups.
    • Possible Activities:
      1. Work with administration for faculty leadership of Guided Pathways work
      2. Encourage faculty participation in the review and design of pathways and associated maps.
      3. Promote efforts and work to build interconnected collaboration within each interest area
  • Increase support and development of student government: Work with our student government group to support student leadership development across the college and from all sites (WCC, LCC, CCC) and encourage diverse student voices to be included in our college governance. 
    • Possible Activities:
      1. Advocate and encourage student participation with our college’s student government
      2. Partner with ASWCC to build student leadership skills and opportunities for increased student engagement including other approved student organizations.
      3. Working collaboratively with the newly hired Interim Director of Retention and Student life who will serve as the advisor for ASWCC
  • Building Community and a Network of Support: Work with faculty, staff, and administration to foster a sense of community.
    • Possible Activities:
      1. Support ongoing efforts to provide additional professional development opportunities and resources to enhance effectiveness working in these remote modalities. Understanding that some individuals and groups are disadvantaged during the transition (and use) of online instruction and student support.
      2. Faculty work groups around GP interest areas and establish student-centric collaborations.
      3. Inter-division collaborations and among our other system partners
  • Support College/District Data Needs: Collaborate, advocate, and actively ensure faculty participation with the College and District assessment and validation of our institutional data.
    • Possible Activities:
      1. Work with WCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness to expand the use of equity data (and other appropriate disaggregated data) in college decision-making and planning.
      2. Ensure that data is being used as we: develop strategic enrollment management (SEM) strategies
      3. Work with administration to develop our next college Educational Master Plan (EMP) with faculty participation.
  • Relationship with College Council: Continue to collaborate with College Council to develop shared college-wide governance goals
    • Possible Activities:
      1. Annual review of committee operating agreements
      2. Strengthen the role of the senate resource for College Council
      3. Clarify our governance structure and process of committee appointments on our college/senate website

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