Our Staff

Name: Deanna Pierro
Position: Student Success Resource Faculty
Areas of Interest: Building student academic programs and all things associated with student success.
What you enjoy about working at WCC: My dissertation research was around informality in higher education and the impact informal learning environments have on student success. What I love most about working at WCC are the informal learning opportunities created for students that lead to genuine relationships between them, their peers, and other professional staff and faculty on campus.


Name: Danielle Crawford
Position: Instructional Associate – Language Arts/ESL and Supplemental Instruction
Areas of Interest: I am interested in student-centered pedagogy and the ways that it can foster both critical thinking and student empowerment. My graduate training is in literature, so I am particularly interested in how we learn to analyze and write about texts. When it comes to writing, each person has a unique and important voice. I am invested in helping students navigate the writing process so they can find and use that voice in their path to academic success.
What you enjoy about working at WCC: I enjoy working closely with our student employees and collaborating with our dedicated team of professional staff and faculty to support our students at WCC and promote student success. I especially like training our tutors and Supplemental Instruction Leaders about the best methods and tactics to create spaces of active learning. It is very rewarding to watch our student employees help other students achieve their academic goals while also developing professionally towards their own career goals.


Name: Heather Fajardo
Position: Temporary Instructional Associate – Student Success & STEM
Areas of Interest: I am fascinated by all the things we know (and the things we don’t know) about science! I found my love for science, specifically biology, during my introductory science courses at community college. But my real passion is helping others learn more about science and, more importantly, about how they learn. I believe every person can be a “science person,” and I enjoy helping science students find their passions, achieve academic success, and attain their goals.
What you enjoy about working at WCC: I am happiest when I am working in a team. WCC’s collaborative student employees and professional staff make it easy to love coming to work!


Name: Cay Tamse
Position: Instructional Associate – Student Success & STEM
Areas of Interest: I love anything science and have extensive experience in biomedical research. This has led me to teaching and pursuing various research interests over the years including calcium dynamics in neurons, epilepsy, and neuronal development, imaging and microscopy, learning and memory using invertebrate models. My experiences in the biological and medical fields allowed me to work closely with science and prehealth students helping them prepare and be successful for careers in science and healthcare. Now my focus is on helping students achieve academic success and prepare for their future endeavors.
What you enjoy about working at WCC: I so enjoy meeting and working with students, especially as I see them gain confidence in their academics and acquire life-long learning skills in the process. To be a first-hand witness to students taking ownership of their academic, and ultimately, career goals are just invaluable. What I also like about working at WCC is that it is a small campus making it easy to connect not only with students but with faculty and staff as well.