If you are a new student at Woodland Community College beginning Fall 2023, join us for Eagle’s Welcome Day!

This will be an opportunity to learn about and explore the Guided Pathways at Woodland Community College.

At the Eagles Welcome event, you’ll have the chance to meet and learn from WCC faculty and current students in the specific academic area you’re interested in.

What is a Pathway?

As a WCC student, you’ll choose a Pathway which is designed to lead you towards a specific academic degree / certificate and ultimately towards a career that fits with your passion and interests.
Being part of a Pathway will make it easier for you to choose your classes, avoid any unnecessary classes, and make sure you are on track to take the classes you need to fulfill YOUR goals.

Important! The Pathway you participate in for the Eagles Welcome event is just a chance to explore an academic area you might be interested in pursuing. You are NOT committing yourself to this Pathway!
How To Choose Your Pathway for the Eagles Welcome?
To choose your Pathway, think about your interests, the classes you’ve most enjoyed, and any careers you are currentl cnsidering.