New WiFi Network

About our Wireless Network

On August 2, 2017, the YCCD IT staff finished installing a new wireless network at the Woodland Community College main campus. This new network consists of indoor and outdoor Cisco Meraki wireless access points that have the capability to transmit data greater than 1.7 gigabits per second, which is over five times faster than the old wireless network! This means that students and staff at the WCC main campus will have more reliable and faster access to the internet.

This system also uses WPA2 enterprise to authenticate users, similar to your home WiFi which uses a pre-shared key to give you access to the wireless network. The only difference is, that you must enter a username and password in WPA2 enterprise. This provides encrypted protection from your device to the access point, and it is very secure.

How to connect to Campus WiFi

At the WCC main campus students and staff can log in to the network SSID titled “YCCD WiFi” using their webadvisor ID and login credentials. Use the following example as a format: username=H0123456 password=********* (In this example, H0123456 is your webadvisor ID.