How To Enroll

Important: New and Returning students must attend one (1)  Mandatory Work Experience Orientation for each semester registered.  Please check the current class schedule for dates and times.

Steps to Enrolling:
  • Student must be working in a paid or unpaid position.
    (Note: Students can only be enrolled in one CWEE course at a time and no other internships.)
  • Determine whether you qualify for Occupational Work Experience or General Work Experience. (See below)
  • Follow the chart below to determine the number of units to enroll in based on the number of hours you will work during the semester.
  • Look up the appropriate CWEE section number in the Schedule of Classes or on Self Service and enroll accordingly.
  • Change the variable units to meet the units you need according to the number of hours you work.
  • Attend a mandatory CWEE Orientation (See dates and times under CWEE Orientation tab on the CWEE website).
  • Please be sure that you enroll in the appropriate course (Occupational or General).
Should I enroll in Occupational Work Experience or General Work Experience?
  • Occupational Work Experience: To qualify, your college major, or career goal and your work must be related to be able to register for this type of work experience.
  • General Work Experience: If your employment is not related to your major, or you have not declared a major at WCC, you may enroll in General Work Experience


Occupational Work Experience General Work Experience
Related Not Related
Music Major-Music job Music Major-Food job
Computer Major-Computer job Computer Major-Entertainment job
Welding Major-Welding job Welding Major-Insurance job
Occupational Work Experience Enrollment

Students can register for 1 to 4 units depending on the number of hours worked during the semester and if the work is paid or unpaid.


PAID WORK {75 hrs/unit) Units Work hrs/sem UNPAID WORK {60 hrs/unit) Units Work hrs/sem
1= 75 1= 60
2 = 150 2 = 120
3 = 225 3 = 180
4 = 300 4 = 240