Work Experience Education Course

WORK 44: Work Experience 1-4 units

54-216 work hours

Requisite: Must have a paid or volunteer position

Transferable to CSU

This class allows students to earn college credit for supervised paid or volunteer work. Students will develop and assess individualized learning objectives connecting on the job learning to their program of study. Through employer feedback and personal reflections, students will develop desirable work habits, attitudes, and career awareness. Students must work 54 hours for each unit of work experience, up to a maximum of 4 units in one semester. If unemployed, students can request help with job placement; paid employment is not guaranteed. Grades are Pass/No Pass.

CWEE 44: General Work Experience 1-3 units

*Note: This course will be deactivated starting Fall 2024. See above for new work experience course details.

60-225 laboratory hours

Requisite: Must have a PAID or VOLUNTEER position

Transferable to CSU

Coordination of on-the-job learning with college experience to develop desirable work habits, attitudes, and career awareness through supervised “paid” or “volunteer” employment. A maximum of sixteen (16) semester units can be earned in General Work Experience during a student’s enrollment within Yuba Community College District, with a three (3) unit maximum in any one semester. Students enrolled in this class are not eligible for other Cooperative Work Experience/Internship classes during the same semester. Students may not exceed sixteen (16) units in the combination of programs (CWEE 44A, CWEE 45A or INTRN 46A/46B). Grades are Pass/No Pass.