The library encourages you to bring your classes into the library for instruction. Most instructors ask for the basic library/information literacy instructional session, which may include (depending on your needs):

  • Library hours, access, etc.
  • Library organization and finding books
  • Accessing e-resources
  • Focusing a topic & choosing keywords
  • Evaluating information
  • Finding webpage information
  • Getting additional help

The library customizes each session toward a class or project & can further customize any instructional session by concentrating on any aspect of research (e.g., focusing a topic, finding articles, citing sources). Most students feel overwhelmed when we try to fit everything in, so we suggest focusing on 1-2 items on the list above or customizing a session.

To schedule an instructional session with a librarian, contact Dena Martin, or use the form below.

Library Instruction Request Form

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