Who is responsible for the selection (and de-selection) of all Library & Media Center Materials?
Certificated library staff “is responsible for the selection of all Library and Media Center materials” (see AP 4040).

Can faculty request materials for the library?
Yes, full-time and part-time faculty members are encouraged to recommend library materials for addition or removal from the collection. All faculty-requested materials are purchased by the library, except when the library is unable to purchase a request.

What reasons prevent the library from purchasing a request?
There are several reasons why the library might not purchase a request. These reasons include:

  • Conflict with AP 4040
  • Out of print
  • Unable to locate vendor
  • District purchasing processes
  • Media items are not accessible to all students (not closed captioned)
  • Lack of funding to support purchase of request

How long before a requested item is available for use?
Due to unique issues with the purchasing process for each item, the library cannot guarantee when a request will be available to use. The library estimates a maximum of 85 business days for a request to be ready for circulation. See the “Library Request Flow Chart” to view a behind the scenes look at the process of getting a request on the shelf.

What circumstances increase the time it takes to make a request available?
Certain times of the year purchasing is prohibited so district staff can end one fiscal year and prepare for the next (or audit an account) and the budget for the current year is usually not approved until October. Staff scheduling can also affect the timeline. A request timeline and flowchart is available on the website to make the timeline and process easy to understand.

How are the deadlines used?

The deadlines were created to ensure the most effective use of resources (human and fiscal) and align with district purchasing deadlines. The Library may be able to purchase book requests outside of the deadlines on a case-by-case basis, but the deadlines were created to allow the Library time to effectively address requests in a formal and fair manner.

Periodical requests have a different deadline because they are subscriptions (as opposed to a one time purchase), so the deadlines are set up to allow the Library time to address the request and communicate changes to our subscription agency (providing the request can be funded).

Electronic resources are similar to periodicals as they both usually require an ongoing funding commitment. Requests for electronic resources are accepted during the fall and spring semester although the Library cannot guarantee funding.

How are requests prioritized?
There are two ways requests are prioritized. Faculty members requesting materials are asked to prioritize their requests and, in the event that requests exceed funding, the will Library prioritize by taking a number of factors in account to ensure the most effective use of resources. See the YC & WCC prioritization chart for more details.

How do faculty members request items?
Please go to the library webpage for further information and instructions on requesting library resources.  For more information contact the library at (530) 661-5740 or wcclibrary@yccd.edu.