*Because individual WCC courses/programs/services contribute to one or more areas of the eight institutional goals, students completing an associate degree at WCC will be able to:

Communication -Effectively use language and non-verbal communication consistent with and appropriate for the audience and purpose.

Computation -Use appropriate mathematical concepts and methods to understand, analyze, and communicate issues in quantitative terms.

Critical Thinking – Analyze data/ information in addressing and evaluating problems and issues in making decisions.

Global Awareness -Articulate similarities and differences among cultures, times, and environments, demonstrating an understanding of cultural pluralism and knowledge of global issues.

Information Competency -Conduct, present, and use research necessary to achieve educational, professional, and personal objectives.

Personal and Social Responsibility- Interact with others by demonstrating respect for opinions, feelings, and values.

Technological Awareness -Select and use appropriate technological tools for personal, academic, and career tasks.

Scientific Awareness -Understand the purpose of scientific inquiry and the implications and applications of basic scientific principles.