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Certificates & Degrees

Business Information Worker - Administrative Assistant Certificate
Business Information Worker - Clerical Certificate
Business Management Certificate
Entrepreneurship Certificate
Medical Office Specialist Certificate
Business Information Professional (A.S.)
Business Management (A.S.)
Business Administration 2.0 (AS-T)

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About the Business Discipline

Get started on a career in business, finance, management, and more! Our programs give you the skills employers are looking for to help you land a job, get promoted, or level up in any field—not just business. Plus, business courses can also greatly enhance your career and life over the long term with foundational skills such as communication, teamwork, management, and much more.

Learn foundational skills in Business Computer Applications
Skills for business, Skills for life!

Certificates in Business

Associate Degrees in Business

Courses in Business

GNBUS10 (3 units)
Introduction To Business
GNBUS11 (3 units)
Principles of Management
GNBUS13 (3 units)
Principles of Marketing
GNBUS15 (3 units)
Human Resource Management
GNBUS18 (3 units)
Business Law
GNBUS21 (3 units)
Business Communications
GNBUS35 (3 units)
Organizational Behavior
GNBUS55 (3 units)
Principles of Selling
GNBUS56 (3 units)
Business Mathematics
GNBUS57 (3 units)
Principles of Social Media Marketing
GNBUS58 (3 units)
Principles of Customer Service
GNBUS59 (3 units)
GNBUS64 (3 units)
Medical Terminology for Office Specialist
GNBUS65 (3 units)
Medical Office Procedures
GNBUS66 (3 units)
Medical Coding
GNBUS72 (3 units)
Introduction to Business Information Worker
GNBUS74 (3 units)
Business Information Professional

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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