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About the Business Computer Applications Discipline

Employers demand good computer skills. They want employees who can type, are familiar with word processing and spreadsheets, and know how to use the Internet as a strategic business tool. Woodland Community College’s Business Computer Applications Basics certificate starts with the basics of using a computer and operating system, then moves on to software applications, keyboarding, and online skills. This certificate will help students begin to develop the core computer skills they will need to succeed in today’s job market.

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Certificates in Business Computer Applications

Courses in Business Computer Applications

BCA15 (3 units)
Business Computer Applications - Beginning
BCA20 (1.5 units)
Computer Calculation
BCA33 (1 unit)
Microsoft Excel II
BCA34 (1 unit)
Microsoft Excel III
BCA37 (1 unit)
Microsoft Access II
BCA38 (1 unit)
Microsoft Access III
BCA59 (1 unit)
Computer Literacy
BCA60 (3 units)
Computer Keyboarding
BCA64 (1 unit)
Microsoft Word II
BCA65 (1 unit)
Microsoft Word III
BCA66 (1 unit)
Microsoft Outlook
BCA67 (1 unit)
Adobe Acrobat
BCA68 (1 unit)
Records and Information Management
BCA70 (1 unit)
Microsoft PowerPoint II
BCA557 (0 unit)
Introduction To Computing
BCA558 (0 unit)
Introduction to Computer Keyboarding

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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