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Accounting (A.S.)

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About the Accounting Discipline

Accounting provides you with the information and experience to make educated decisions in all of your endeavors. Most businesses and organizations depend on in-house or contracted accountants (or both) to measure performance and provide financial information and forecasts. Students will learn the rules and language that govern business. They will learn how to use, interpret, prepare and present financial statements that can be used to assist business planning and decision-making. Students will understand and apply financial analysis techniques. An education in accounting can lead to a position preparing financial statements, balance sheets and tax returns at an accounting/CPA firm, small business, large corporation, financial institution, government agency or any number of organizations. This is also the foundation for four-year college studies in accounting.

Certificates in Accounting

Associate Degrees in Accounting

Courses in Accounting

ACCT1A (0.5 unit)
Principles of Accounting - Financial Lab
ACCT1 (4 units)
Principles of Accounting-Financial
ACCT2 (4 units)
Principles of Accounting-Managerial
ACCT3 (3 units)
Computerized Accounting
ACCT6 (4 units)
Individual Income Taxes-Federal/State
ACCT9 (3 units)
Business Payroll Procedures
ACCT50 (3 units)
General Accounting

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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ACCT Class Schedule

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