Graduation FAQs

How do I petition to graduate?

The first step is submitting a graduation petition so our A&R office can evaluate your courses completed to verify that a certificate or diploma has been earned. Each semester has a graduation petition deadline, as posted in the Academic Calendar. Students must submit a petition to graduate through their Self-Service account.

The first step is to meet with a Counselor to review if you are eligible to petition to graduate.  In your meeting with your Counselor please check your major/program and catalog rights.  If you need to update your major or program, you can do so by submitting a “Change of Student Data Request” form to Admissions & Records.

Now you are ready to use Self-Service to submit your graduation petition.

If you attended other colleges or universities be sure to request your official transcripts to be sent to Admissions & Records.

How do I submit the graduation petition?

Students must submit a petition to graduate through their Self-Service account. Click on the “Graduation Overview” tab and complete the Graduation Application.

When will I receive confirmation regarding my graduation petition status?

Students will receive a letter stating the preliminary evaluation of their graduation petition approximately three weeks after the deadline to petition for graduation.

Upon submitting your petition to graduate, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt to your student email.  All correspondence is sent to your student email regarding your graduation petition, so make sure to check your student email account regularly.

An initial evaluation can occur during the semester, and an evaluator will send any notification to your student email. Evaluators continue the verification process once grades have been submitted.   The approximate timeline is to have the degrees posted to your official transcripts 45 to 60 days after final grades are submitted.  Then approximately a few weeks later, all conferred degrees are sent to our Print Shop to be processed.  Once returned, the diplomas are reviewed, packaged, and mailed out.  This time period usually is 90 to 120 days after final grades are submitted for the semester.

When will I know if I graduated?

At the conclusion of a semester, after grades have been finalized, our Evaluators will begin the final phase of processing graduation petitions. Students will receive  email status updates throughout the process. Once an evaluation has been completed, students will be notified via email whether they have successfully completed all requirements or not.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed approximately three months after the end of the term in which a student has petitioned to graduate.

How will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas will be mailed out to the address we have on file. Please ensure your address is updated. You can update your address via Self-Service by clicking on “User Profile” (Hint: click on the person icon at the top right-corner of the home screen).

When will grades be posted?

Grades are due from instructors three working days after the last day of classes each semester. After receiving at least 90% of the grades, the Admissions & Records Office will process the grades and post them to students’ transcripts. This process can take up to four weeks. Meanwhile, students can view their grades through Self-Service by clicking on the “Grades” tab.