• Serves as the official representative of the Student Body in Public Settings;
  • Sets the Agenda for Council meetings 72 hours prior to the meeting in accordance with the Brown Act;
  • Chairs all Council Meetings;
  • Facilitates Communication Between the Council and All Administration, College Committees, Faculty Senate, and Student Groups and Reports Information to the Council;
  • Signs all Requisitions for the Disbursement of Funds Authorized by the Council, unless directed otherwise;
  • Appoints Students to College Committees with the Majority Consent of the Council;
  • Meets with the College President at least monthly;
  • Has the Power to Call Special and Emergency Meetings (as defined by the Brown Act);
  • Enforces the Constitution;
  • Delivers a Commencement Address for the Woodland Campus;
  • Votes only in the Event of a tie;

Vice President: 

  • Presides over the Council in the Absence of the President;
  • Represents the Student Body at Official Functions in the Absence of the President;
  • Present at all Council Meetings;
  • Trains and Provides Orientation for all New Student Council Members;
  • Rules on All Questions Regarding the Constitution;
  • Ensures Council Members Fulfill Their Obligations to Serve on Participatory Governance Committees;


  • Keeps Completed and Accurate Minutes of All ASWCC Meetings;
  • Posts Approved Minutes in a Public Forum Following Each Council Meeting;
  • Prepares Information for Elections;
  • Chairs Council Elections Committee;

Director of Finance: 

  • Supervises All Financial Matters in Consultation with the ASWCC Advisor(s);
  • Completes and Manages All Business Transactions for ASWCC
  • Signs All Authorized Council Requisitions for the Disbursement of Funds;
  • Keeps Organized and Accurate Records of All Financial Transactions of ASWCC;
  • Establishes and Recommends Annual Budget with the President and Advisor for the Following Year, Presenting to Council for Approval prior to May 15.
  • Provides ASWCC Budget Updates at Every Council Meeting;
  • Raises Funds to Finance ASWCC Operations on- and off- Campus;
  • Provides Assistance to Chartered Student Organizations in their Fundraising;
  • Maintains End-of-Year Balances for Chartered Student Organizations;
  • Chairs Council Finance Committee;

Director of Student Affairs:

  • Promotes Activities for ASWCC and Subsidiary Organizations;
  • Works with Office of Retention and Student Life to Monitor the Status of All Active Campus Clubs and Reports back to Council;
  • Oversees Distribution of Information to All Campus Clubs Regarding ASWCC Sponsored Programs and Events;
  • Makes Arrangements for such Activities as may be Decided Upon by the Council;
  • Maintains a Calendar of Student Activities and Events;
  • Chairs Council Events Committee;

Director of Communications:

  • Organizes Efforts to Promote ASWCC and Other Student Organizations Through the Use of Multimedia and Social Media Platforms;
  • Oversees Publicity of ASWCC Sponsored Events and Programs;
  • Maintains and Updates ASWCC Sponsored Bulletin Boards;
  • Assures Public Announcement of Vacancies in Council Positions;
  • Facilitates Outreach to other Associated Student Organizations;
  • Keeps the Meeting Attendance Record of Each Council Member;
  • Chairs Council Media Committee;

Director of Sustainability:

  • Promotes Sustainable Practices on the Campus;
  • Engages Staff, Faculty, Administrators, and Students to Increase Sustainable Practices;
  • Chairs Council Sustainability Committee;

The Senators: 

  • Take an Active Role in Planning and Assisting with ASWCC Sponsored Events and Programs;
  • Participates in ASWCC Council Meetings Actively, Offering Input and Feedback on Student/Campus Issues;
  • Represents the Students in Their Respective Constituencies;

All Positions

  • Holds Office Hours Weekly (1 hour);
  • Sits on At Least One Participatory Governance Committee;
  • Sits on At Least One ASWCC Committee;
  • Carries out Duties Delegated by the President and/or Council