• Represent the students
  • Set the agenda for council meetings
  • Facilitate communication between the council and administration, college committees, faculty senate, and student groups.

Vice President: 

  • Must be present at council meetings
  • Train interested parties on council procedures
  • Answer any questions regarding the ASWCC Constitution
  • Assume the President’s duties in their absence


  • Keep complete and accurate minutes of all ASWCC Council meetings
  • Post approved minutes in a public forum
  • Prepare information for elections

Director of Finance: 

  • Responsible for completion and management of all business transactions regarding ASWCC
  • Update the Council on any changes to the budget as needed
  • Raising funds for ASWCC

Director of Student Affairs:

  • Promote activities for ASWCC
  • Make any arrangements for activities as needed
  • Maintain a calendar for any planned events

Director of Communications:

  • Promote ASWCC and other organizations through multimedia and social media
  • Facilitate outreach to other Associated Student Organizations

Director of Sustainability:

  • Engage staff, faculty, administration and students to increase sustainable practices
  • Promote such practices on campus

The Senators: 

  • Represent students in their respective area
  • Attend shared governance committees on campus related to their respective area of representation