Make a change!

Become a leader at Woodland Community College!

Qualifications for becoming a member of the Council:

-Must have completed 12 or more units at WCC prior to taking office (for President or Vice President only)

-Must be enrolled in 5 or more units per semester while in office

-Must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher while in office

-Must attend all meetings in May until they are installed

-Must complete ethics training by September

-Must be able to attend weekly meetings on Tuesdays 12-1 pm

For a list of positions and their duties please visit our Officer Duties page here: Officer Duties 

Make your voice heard! To apply for a position on ASWCC, download and print the packet below.

2021-2022 ASWCC Election Packet
2021-2022 Student Trustee Election Packet

Election results are in for the spring 2021 election!

These students will serve as representatives for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Any eligible student may seek an appointment to an open position for more information please email 

Director of Sustainability Election Results

Director of Finance Election results

YCCD Student Trustee Election results

Senator for colusa election results

Senator for Lake Election results

Election update 12 units to be president or vice president

Advisor update

Election results: Every act or omission of the Council shal be subject to review and approval