Qualifications for becoming a member of the Council:

-Must have completed 12 or more units at WCC prior to taking office (for President or Vice President only)

-Must be enrolled in 5 or more units per semester while in office

-Must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher while in office

-Must attend all meetings in May until they are installed

-Must complete ethics training by September

-Must be able to attend weekly meetings on Tuesdays 12-1 pm

For a list of positions and their duties please visit our Officer Duties page here: Officer Duties 

Make your voice heard! To apply for a position on ASWCC, download and print the packet below.

Download and print the 2023-2024 ASWCC Election Packet here or fill out below

2022-2023 Student Trustee Election Packet

Any eligible student may seek an appointment to an open position for more information please email ASWCC@yccd.edu