CARES Act Reporting

Federal law requires Woodland Community College to post information regarding the CARES Act, HEERF Awards received by the college.

The Certification and Agreement directs each institution who received HEERF funds to comply with Section 18004(e) of the CARES Act and submit an initial report (the “30-day Fund Report”) to the Secretary thirty (30) days from the date of the institution’s Certification and Agreement to the Department and provide updates, every 45 days after that. Each HEERF participating institution must post the information listed below on the institution’s primary website in a format and location that is easily accessible to the public


CARES Act HEERF Report June 12, 2020

CARES Act HEERF Update September 9, 2020

CARES Act HEERF Update October 10, 2020

CARES Act HEERF Update October 30, 2020