Upcoming Flex Workshops

Business Curriculum Update W1968 Details here 3:30, 12/09/2019 room: Zoom Flex Hours: 1
Research Showcase W1977 Details here 06:00 PM, 12/09/2019 room: Rooms 210 - 212 Flex Hours: 1.25
Ink Magazine Release Party and Open Mic W1979 Details here 12:00 p.m., 12/10/2019 room: ME Center/Room 101/Student Lounge Flex Hours: 1
Student Self Service Course Planning Tool: An Interactive Workshop W1975 Details here 10:00AM, 01/08/2020 room: 800 Community Room Flex Hours: 2
Active Shooter Training W1970 Details here TBA, 01/08/2020 room: 606 Flex Hours: 2
test W1972 Details here 2:30 pm, 01/09/2020 room: 111 Flex Hours: 1
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