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Office 365 Overview (online training- available the entire semester) W1985 Details here 12:00 AM, 01/07/2020 room: https://yccd.instructure.com/courses/16713/pages/online-flex-workshops Flex Hours: 1
Keenan Online Training (available the entire semester) W2034 Details here 12:00 AM, 01/07/2020 room: Online Flex Hours: 1
Canvas Jumpstart (Online training option) W1986 Details here 12:00 AM, 01/11/2020 room: https://yccd.instructure.com/courses/16713/pages/online-flex-workshops Flex Hours: 2
Online trainings you can do for Flex W2064 Details here 09:00 AM, 01/24/2020 room: Online Flex Hours: 1
2nd Annual Humanities Expo W2103 Details here 12:00pm, 04/16/2020 room: 800 - Community Room Flex Hours: 1
11th Annual Student Research Symposium W2058 Details here 12:00 PM, 05/07/2020 room: Community Room 800 Flex Hours: 1
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