About Us

Our College: 
Woodland Community College was established in 1975 as an “Outreach Center” for Yuba Community
College District.  Having achieved its initial accreditation in 2008, WCC became the 110th accredited
community college in the State of California.  In Spring of 2011, WCC  opened its
own outreach facility in Colusa
County, thereby ensuring improved access to higher education in a large rural area.

Our Foundation:
The Woodland Community College Foundation
became a self-sustaining auxiliary of the larger Yuba
Community College District (YCCD) Foundation
in 2011.  The WCC Foundation has approximately
$400,000 in restricted assets as well as access to several scholarships that are available to all YCCD
campuses.  The WCC Foundation benefits from the District’s 501[c][3] status

Our Students’ Goals:
The most cited reason (43%)
students give for attending WCC is to attain an Associate’s Degree and then transfer to a baccalaureate
degree granting institution.  Many students (10%) also attend WCC to complete their general education
requirements before moving on to a baccalaureate program. 

For many WCC students, an
Associate’s Degree is their top priority.  Fully 25% of our students indicate that they are
enrolled strictly with the goal of completing an A.A.., an A.S. or a Certificate.  Some (12%) are
seeking vocational degrees or certificates, while others (11%) see the Associate of Arts or Sciences as
meeting their needs.

Achieving These Goals:
In 2011,
195 Associates Degrees were awarded to WCC students.  An additional 22 certificates were granted to
students on vocational career paths.  Of those attaining their Associate’s Degree, 65% intended to
transfer to a university.  Most of these students attained an AS in General Education.  The most
frequently awarded certificate was in Human Services.