Have you been impacted by the fires?

Woodland Community College is here to assist students who have been impacted by the nearby fires. Students must submit an application and related documentation (i.e. receipts, invoices) to the Office of the President. A committee will review the application and determine the funding amount. if approved, students will be notified of the amount and the money will be distributed through the Office of the President in collaboration with the Foundation Office. Allow five business days for check requests to be processed.

Foundation Board Policy and Administrative Procedure

Resources for Students

About the Emergency Support Request Application

Students may access the Emergency Support Request Application by contacting the student services office.  Be prepared to supply the following information.

  • What  county do you reside in
  • How have you been impacted by the fires?
  • How can Woodland Community College support you during these times?
  • Describe your current financial hardship
  • Should the application be approved, to which service provider would the payment be dispersed?
    • Service providers include, but are not limited to, the following: utility company, rental agency, Follett bookstore, etc.

Students are eligible for a maximum of $500 per year.

While not required, students will have the opportunity to contribute to campus life events or other college activities to help give back to the campus. Woodland Community College may reach out regarding opportunities, or students may contact student services.

The Emergency Fund Process

Within one working day after approval by the Vice President of Student Services, the student applicant will be contacted by phone and/or email) by the Office of the Vice President of Student Services. The Office of the Vice President of Student Services will disperse the funds directly to the service provider on behalf of the applicant, when appropriate.

Donate to the Woodland Community College Student Emergency Fund

Students, faculty and staff are being impacted by the current heat and wildfires throughout the area. Whether it is a loss of power, being evacuated due to a fire, or the bad air quality, people may have unplanned needs. Through the Emergency Funds of Woodland Community College, we can help meet those needs.

Donate to the Dorothy Minges Emergency Fund