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Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate
Human Services (A.S.)
Chemical Dependency Counselor (A.S.)
Social Work and Human Services (A.A.-T)

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About the Human Services Discipline

The Human Services Associate in Science degree is designed to prepare students to enter the highly demanding field of human services to provide quality care and support. Students will gain knowledge of human service delivery systems; intervention strategies and case management techniques; communication skills for working with individuals, groups, and diverse populations; ethical and legal standards of practice; and personal and interpersonal skills needed to manage stress and increase wellness. This degree is designed to prepare students for employment as Human Service counselors, workers, and aides in areas of social services, vocational rehabilitation, mental health, child and family services, support services for seniors and people with disabilities and educational facilities, and to provide additional training and skills for career advancement to currently employed paraprofessional human service workers.

Certificates in Human Services

Associate Degrees in Human Services

Courses in Human Services

HUSEV10 (3 units)
Introduction To Human Services
HUSEV11 (3 units)
Working with Diverse Communities
HUSEV20 (3 units)
Introduction To Chemical Dependency Studies
HUSEV21 (3 units)
Introduction to Physiological and Psychological Effects of Drug Abuse
HUSEV22 (3 units)
Development and Progression of Addictive Patterns of Behavior
HUSEV23 (3 units)
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Human Services
HUSEV24 (3 units)
Introduction to Case Management
HUSEV25 (3 units)
Basic Chemical Dependency Counseling
HUSEV28 (3 units)
Skills and Techniques of Group Counseling
HUSEV40 (3 units)
Family and Addiction
HUSEV41 (3 units)
Co-Occurring Disorders
HUSEV43 (3 units)
Social Work and Human Services Seminar and Fieldwork
HUSEV44 (2.5 units)
Chemical Dependency Counseling Seminar
HUSEV45 (1–4 units)
Supervised Human Services Internship

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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HUSEV Class Schedule

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