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English (A.A.-T)

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About the English Discipline

Come broaden your appreciation of the English language and its literatures, and cultivate its effective use in your own creative expression and day-to-day life. You'll learn to read more thoughtfully, think critically, and express yourself clearly and persuasively. Composition, literature, and creative writing all can help you make sense of the cultural, historical, ethical, aesthetic, and linguistic forces that shape our lives.

Associate Degrees in English

Courses in English

ENGL1C (3 units)
Critical Thinking/Advanced Composition
ENGL1X (1 unit)
Support for English 1A
ENGL1A (4 units)
College Composition and Reading
ENGL1B (4 units)
Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking through Literature
ENGL23 (3 units)
Literature Through Film
ENGL30B (3 units)
Introduction to American Literature II
ENGL30A (3 units)
Introduction to American Literature I
ENGL31 (3 units)
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL38 (3 units)
Children's Literature
ENGL42 (3 units)
Introduction To Shakespeare
ENGL46B (3 units)
Introduction to British Literature II
ENGL46A (3 units)
Introduction to British Literature I

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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ENGL Class Schedule

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