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About the Culinary Arts Discipline

This degree is intended to provide students with the skills and abilities necessary to obtain employment in the growing bakery, restaurant and hospitality industry. Students that earn this degree will have the ability to secure employment from restaurants, hotels, casinos, bakeries and other foodservice establishments. The students will learn: food safety and handling, recipe conversions, equipment selections, French techniques for pastry and dessert components, and a variety of modern cooking methods and techniques. The Culinary Arts Associate of Arts prepares students with the skills to be the future Sous/Executive Chefs, Restaurant Managers and Business Owners in the rapidly growing foodservice industry. This degree gives students the complete culinary skill set to be successful and the industry advantage of an accredited culinary degree.

Certificates in Culinary Arts

Associate Degrees in Culinary Arts

Courses in Culinary Arts

CUL54 (0.5 unit)
Sanitation, Safety, and Storage
CUL72 (2 units)
Introduction to Purchasing for Food Service & Hospitality
CUL74 (3 units)
Introduction to Baking and Pastry
CUL75 (3 units)
Advanced Baking and Pastry
CUL76A (3 units)
Basic Food Preparation
CUL76B (3 units)
Advanced Food Preparation
CUL77B (4 units)
Advanced Restaurant Operations
CUL77A (4 units)
Introduction to Restaurant Operations
CUL78 (2 units)
Introduction to Catering and Event Hospitality
CUL79 (2 units)
Advanced Foods and Catering
CUL80 (2 units)
Food Service Operations and Management

Learn more about Culinary Arts

Aromas Restaurant & Café at Lake County Campus
A student-run restaurant simulating a real restaurant environment that is open to the public offering quick grab’n’go sandwiches, salads, and treats along with espresso coffee drinks and fruit smoothies. Aromas also offers dine-in lunch service for the full restaurant experience offering farm-to-fork culinary creations. Follow Aromas on Facebook or join our mailing list for menu information and upcoming events.

Students are encouraged to join the Culinary Club to stay connected. For more information, email or call 707.995.7310.

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