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Biology (A.S.-T)

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About the Biology Discipline

Prepare for transfer in biology and related majors in the CSU system. The Associate in Science in Biology for Transfer (AS-T) degree will provide students with the preparation in general education and major specific courses to be prepared for Bachelor’s level coursework. Students who earn a Bachelor’s degree in biology are prepared for advanced degrees, or to enter employment opportunities as laboratory technologists, x-ray and respiratory technologists, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and researchers in the medical field; as foresters, wildlife and fisheries biologists, field ecologists, ethnobiologists, botanists, entomologists, and others in field biology and ecology; as veterinary technicians, researchers, and doctors in veterinary medicine; as agronomists, plant pathologists, enologists, and pest management specialists in agriculture.

Associate Degrees in Biology

Courses in Biology

BIOL1 (5 units)
Principles of Biology
BIOL2 (4 units)
General Zoology
BIOL3 (4 units)
General Botany
BIOL4 (4 units)
Human Anatomy
BIOL5 (4 units)
Human Physiology
BIOL6 (4 units)
Introductory Microbiology
BIOL7 (5 units)
Introduction to Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution
BIOL10L (4 units)
General Biology
BIOL12 (3 units)
Marine Biology
BIOL15 (4 units)
BIOL24 (3 units)
Human Biology
BIOL25 (3 units)
Human Genetics
BIOL30 (3 units)
Emerging Infections and the History of Infectious Disease

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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BIOL Class Schedule

Area Dean

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Part-Time Faculty

Kris Passerini

Kelly Thomasson

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