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  • Summer 2024 —  Classes start Jun 10
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ART Class Schedule

Courses in Art

ART1A (3 units)
History of Art: Global
ART1B (3 units)
History of Art: Medieval to Baroque
ART1C (3 units)
History of Art: Modern to Contemporary
ART4B (3 units)
Intermediate Drawing
ART4A (3 units)
Beginning Drawing
ART5 (3 units)
Art Appreciation
ART9B (3 units)
Intermediate Painting
ART9A (3 units)
Beginning Painting
ART11 (3 units)
Mural Painting

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Registration is now open to all students for Summer & Fall 2022
Summer Semester starts: June 13
Fall Semester starts: August 15

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ART Class Schedule

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