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Woodland Campus

Certificates & Degrees

Agriculture Research Technician Certificate
Agriculture Business Certificate
Environmental Horticulture Certificate
Sustainable Agriculture Certificate
Plant Protection Certificate
Agriculture Science (A.S.)
Agriculture Animal Science (A.S.-T)
Agriculture Business (A.S.-T)
Agriculture Plant Science (A.S.-T)
Environmental Horticulture (A.S.)

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About the Agriculture Discipline

With this field of study you will engage in pathways focused on animal science and agriculture business - both critical in providing food and agricultural products for consumers. You will engage with key aspects of animal production, health and nutrition, as well as ag economics - all focused on keeping producers in business. The pathway in agriculture business will provide a foundation in Microsoft Office and the accounting principles needed to be successful in an ag business.

Certificates in Agriculture

Associate Degrees in Agriculture

Courses in Agriculture

AG4 (3 units)
Introduction to Agricultural Business
AG5 (3 units)
Agriculture Economics
AG11 (3 units)
Agricultural Accounting
AG12 (3 units)
Computers in Agriculture
AG15 (1 unit)
Introduction To Agriculture Education and Careers
AG19 (1 unit)
Agricultural Leadership Skills
AG20 (1 unit)
Agricultural Leadership & Organization
AG32 (1–4 units)
AG40 (3 units)
Animal Health and Sanitation
AG42 (3 units)
Sheep and Goat Science/Production
AG43 (3 units)
Beef Cattle Science
AG45L (4 units)
Principles of Animal Science
AG45 (3 units)
Principles of Animal Science
AG46 (3 units)
Animal Feeds and Nutrition
AG60 (3 units)
Preparing for 21st Century Workforce in Agriculture

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Fall Semester starts: August 15

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