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Law Enforcement (A.S.)
Administration of Justice (A.S.-T)

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About the Administration of Justice Discipline

Students involved in this program are prepared for successful transfer and academic success within CSU and UC academia. Individuals are provided a comprehensive overview of the justice system and shown the versatility available within the career field. Students are coached and mentored in the development of a strategic plan that identifies the necessary steps to achieving their career goals.

Associate Degrees in Administration of Justice

Courses in Administration of Justice

AJ1 (3 units)
Ethics In The Criminal Justice System
AJ10 (3 units)
Introduction to Criminal Justice System
AJ11 (3 units)
Criminal Law
AJ13 (3 units)
AJ14 (3 units)
Criminal Justice Process
AJ15 (3 units)
Criminal Investigation
AJ19 (3 units)
Multicultural Communities and the Justice System
AJ20 (3 units)
Juvenile Law and Procedures
AJ40 (3 units)
Physical Agility Readiness & Career Wellness
AJ208 (3 units)
Investigative Report Writing

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AJ Class Schedule

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