Oct 15 2021


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Fall 2021 Pell Disbursement Date

Disbursement Details

Student award letters display annual award information split between applicable semester terms (e.g. Fall/Spring/Summer). Most financial aid award disbursements are issued to students based on the semester term, or payment period. The number of disbursements and dates per semester term depend on the financial aid program guidelines. The current semester payment schedule is made available on the right side of all our Financial Aid web pages under Important Resources.

Federal Pell Grant is disbursed to students generally twice per semester term as follows:

  • First Disbursement (Semester)-consists of 1/2 of the total semester award.
  • Second Disbursement (Semester)-consists of 1/2 of total semester award. NOTE: If your enrollment status changes your payment will be prorated accordingly.

Financial aid awards packaged/awarded after a scheduled payment date will be processed on the next available payment date.

Students attending more than one college for the same semester term should visit the respective Financial Aid Offices to ensure they qualify. Financial Aid is generally not available at more than one college for the same period of enrollment. Failure to verify eligibility may result in repayment of received financial aid funds. Return of financial aid disbursements due to ineligibility are the responsibility of the student.

Receipt of your initial payment is considered an acceptance of the terms and conditions of this award offer.  Students with remaining need not met by this offer may request additional financial aid information at the Financial Aid Office.

Financial aid disbursements are made to students based on the semester payment schedule available under Important Resources (right side bar on this page). If you anticipate to receive financial aid from Woodland Community College (not including the California College Promise Grant, fee waiver), we have partnered with BankMobile, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc., to deliver your financial aid refund. Learn more about BankMobile refunds.

If time permits based on federal disbursement regulations, funds returned as undeliverable will be resent to the student’s BankMobile account when the student updates his/her refund method and notifies the Financial Aid Office. If funds are returned as undeliverable, and the student does not update his/her refund method with BankMobile, the funds will be returned to the source (e.g. Federal Pell Grant funds are returned to the U.S. Department of Education, Cal Grant funds are returned to the California Student Aid Commission, etc.) Federal regulation (34 CFR 690.78) authorizes the school to pay students by credit to their accounts for any unpaid charges of tuition and fees.