Welcome to the Communication and Technology Committee!

Our Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Communication and Technology Committee (CAT) is to enhance organizational communication by identifying and recommending effective practices, including technology-related practices, which facilitate decision-making and the exchange of information amongst college constituents.

Specifically, the committee serves the following functions:

  • Develop guidelines to facilitate clear, open, respectful, and timely communication throughout the college community.
  • Assist each college committee and project team in developing a communication review and evaluation plan for continuous improvement.
  • Communicate and facilitate campus technology-related needs and issues.
  • Review and update the WCC Technology Plan on an annual basis.
  • Serve as an advisory group to the District Technology Committee.

cat conference

CAT Committee Members

Caren Fernandez
Cay StrodeFull Time Faculty Representative(FA) 2016 - (SP) 2019
Chris MejiaResource: ITOn Going
Christopher HowertonFull Time Faculty Representative(FA) 2015 - (SP) 2018
Julie BrownFull Time Faculty Representative(FA) 2015 - (SP) 2018
Michael PlantDistrict IT RepresentativeOn Going
Nicholas TurneyPart Time Faculty Representative(FA) 2016 - (SP) 2019
Roger ClaugeResource: ITOn Going
Shawn LanierFull Time Faculty Representative(FA) 2014 - (SP) 2017
TBDResource: WCC DE CoordinatorOn Going
vacantClassified Representative
vacantASWCC Representative