CARES Funding available to WCC students.

Woodland Community College has been confirmed as a recipient of funding through the CARES Act to assist students seeking higher education cover associated cost.


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January  14, 2021

Woodland Community College to Offer Direct COVID-19 Relief Grants to Students Enrolling in the Spring Semester

Woodland, CA – Woodland Community College (WCC) will be providing another round of COVID-19 Relief Grants to eligible students during the spring 2021 semester. These grants will be made possible due to the approval of the Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA). The funds will be offered as direct cash payments to students to provide economic relief to be applied for expenses such as enrollment fees, food, housing, healthcare, technology, and childcare. Students who are enrolled in six or more units during the spring 2021 semester will be eligible for the additional aid. The grant amounts will range from $300-$550 and will be automatically disbursed in February. The spring semester starts on Monday, January 25th.

The college offered a similar grant program last year from resources provided by the CARES Act. With these new federal stimulus funds, the college also plans to expand its emergency grant program to support students experiencing hardships related to education and housing. The application to access additional COVID-19 relief emergency funds will be available to students throughout the spring 2021 semester.

“Our students have had a difficult time continuing their education during the pandemic because of the extra pressures associated with distance education and the costs to access technology.

These additional resources will help alleviate some of the obstacles and increase financial availability to our student body to help with their educational attainment” said WCC College President, Dr. Art Pimentel.

Students should visit the college’s website at or call the financial aid office at 530- 661-5725 for additional information.


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