How to Apply and Register for ESOL/ESL Classes 

Who can take ESOL classes at Woodland Community College?

Currently, US citizens, permanent residents, and people with mixed immigration status can take our ESOL classes. There is no need for proof of citizenship or residency.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t accept students who identify as being here on visas into the program with the exception being a student on an F1 visa. However, F1 visa students must take credit courses and maintain full-time student status. The registration deadline is earlier for F1 students.

1. Complete an online application

Apply to Woodland Community College

This step is only for new students or students returning after being gone for two or more semesters. If you took a class last semester, you can just register into a class.

You will need to create a CCCApply account and then complete an online application form. Click the link below to create your account and start your application.

The form will ask for a social security number; if you don’t have one, you can still complete the form and become a student. It’s best if you complete this step at home because it will save you time.

Need help?

If you need help or don’t have access to a computer, it is possible to visit your local campus and complete the application in person:

Once you have submitted your application, an email will be sent to you with further instructions within one business day. A Self-Service account and Student ID number will be assigned to you. This email will include a link to retrieve your student ID from Self-Service. You will need this student ID number in order to be able to register for a class.

2. Choose a level

You can use our guided self-placement website to help you find the best level for you. It’s easy and you can do it at home and even on your phone!

Start the ESOL self-placement

Once you complete your ESOL self-placement, print your recommendation and follow the directions on it for your next step.

3. Exemptions:

Normally, new students have to complete the online orientation and meet with a counselor when they first apply to study here. However, if you meet 2 or more of the following criteria, you can be exempt from these requirements and will not be required to meet with a counselor or complete the online orientation:

  1. Have completed an associate degree or higher (specify college, degree, month/year awarded and include copy of degree or transcripts)
  2. Will be enrolling in performance classes only (e.g. music, drama, physical education activity classes)
  3. Currently enrolled at a four-year college or university (transcripts required)
  4. Enrolling in fewer than six units
  5. Not planning to earn a degree or certificate
  6. Enrolling in job-skill upgrade, self-improvement, or general interest courses
  7. Enrolling in classes for which you have previous training

If you would still like to, you can meet with a counselor.

In order to be granted exemption, you will need to do one of the two following things: 

1. Send an email to Admissions and Records at and indicate the number of the two or more exemption criteria that apply to you, along with your student ID number, and scanned copies of any required verification documents. See the example email below:

Example Email

Subject: Matriculation Exemption
Dear Admissions and Records,
My name is _____________________. My WCC student ID number is ________________. I would like to request a matriculation exemption, so I can enroll into an ESOL class. I qualify for an exemption based on the following exemption criteria _____ and _____ (numbers of exemption criteria from above).


2. Go in person to Admissions & Records at the Woodland Campus in building 700 or the front desk at Lake and Colusa Campuses. Then fill out and submit a Matriculation Form. Bring a picture ID with you.

4. Register for a class

Once you have a student ID, have selected a level, and received confirmation from Admissions & Record of your matriculation exemption, you can register for classes.

Register for Classes on Self-Service

  • If the class has not started yet, you can register online in Self-Service or visit your local campus to register for the class. You will have 10 days to pay for the class.
  • You can still register online during the first week of school, but you must pay at the same time using a credit card.
  • If the class has been going for a week, you will need the instructor’s signature to add. Go to class with an add form and have the instructor sign the paper. Then take the paper to Admissions & Records (or front desk at Lake or Colusa campus) to register and pay for the class.


  • Show up to class on the very first day. If you register before school starts, it’s important that you don’t miss any classes. The first day is important.
  • Remember, it’s important to register for a class as soon as possible. You cannot keep attending a class more than two times if you have not completed your paperwork. If you cannot go to Admissions & Records when they are open and you are having a challenge registering, email Jessica Aggrey or call (530) 668-3682 as soon as possible.